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Date:  Monday June 05, 2017 (06/05/17)

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Select Board Agenda
Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5, Ascutney, VT
Monday, June 5th, 2017
7:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Comments from Select Board and Town Manager
- Appointment Policy
- Contractor List
- Hazard Mitigation Plan
- Safest City

3. Comments from citizens on topics not on agenda

4. Review minutes from previous meeting(s) 05/15/2017

5. Ray Stapleton- 1 Year Recognition

6. Recommended Appointments to the State of Vermont
A. Fire Warden / Darrin Spaulding
B. Deputy Fire Warden / Joshua Dauphin

7. Approve Baltimore Road Project

8. Budget Review
- Reserves Spending

9. Hazard Mitigation Plan

10. Approve Managed Services RFP

11. Appointments
A. Ancient Roads Committee
B. Budget Committee (Four Openings)
C. Connecticut River Development Corporation
- Representative
- Alternate
D. Connecticut River Joint Commission
E. Conservation Commission (One four year term open)
F. Fence Viewer (One Opening)
G. Fire Commission (Two Openings / One Year remaining from a Two-Year term, and a full Two Year term)
H. Parks and Recreation (Four Openings)

I. River Connection Regional Partnership Representative
J. Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. Representative
K. Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner
L. Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee
M. Veterans’ Memorial Committee

12. Approve Warrant

13. Future Meeting Agenda Items
A. 06/19/2017 / Ascutney Fire Station

B. Future Agenda Items
- Policy Review
Class IV Town Highway
Delinquent Tax, Water and Wastewater Assessment Collections
Zoning Board of Adjustment Alternate Member Use Policy

14. Executive Session as per 1 V.S.A. § 313 (3) (Personnel issue)

15. Adjourn

Select Board
Martin Memorial Hall
5259 Route 5, Ascutney VT
Monday, June 5, 2017
7:00 PM

APPROVED 6/19/2017

Select Board Members Present: Daniel Boyer
C. Peter Cole
Lynn Esty
Kelly Murphy

Select Board Members Absent: Amy Beth Main

Ed Morris, Town Manager

Others Present:
Julia Lloyd Wright Ray Stapleton Wes Hazeltine Edith Stillson
Paul Tillman Colin Butler Darrin Spaulding

1. Call to Order
Ms. Murphy called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

2. Comments from Select Board and Town Manager
a. Appointment Policy
b. Contractor List: Mr. Morris said he is looking for and adding contractors to this list which will be used to call for contractors on short notice for small jobs (those that don't need to be out out to bid). It will reduce paperwork and lead time.
c. Hazard Mitigation Plan: (Discussed later in the agenda)
d. Safest City: Mr. Morris received an email from “SafestCityintheUnitedStates” claiming that Weathersfield is the 31st safest town in Vermont. He said the claim appeared to be made on creditable data. Congratulations to the police department for making our town so safe.

3. Comments from Citizens on topics not on the agenda
Mr.. Hazeltine said that the Route 131 end of Thrasher Road will be closed from 8 AM to 2 PM on Wednesday, June 7th to accommodate VELCO's work on the power lines.

Energy Coordinator Julia Lloyd Wright announced an upcoming workshop on Cold Climate Heat Pumps on Thursday at 6:30 PM at the Town Office.

4. Review minutes from previous meetings – 5/15/2017
a. None
Motion: To accept the minutes of May 15th, 2017.
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Boyer
Vote: Unanimous in favor

5. Ray Stapleton – 1 Year Recognition
Ms. Murphy read a letter of recognition to Ray Stapleton for successful completion of his first year (back) in employment with the Town. Mr. Hazeltine said he was very happy to have Ray back and that it was the first time in 44 years that the Town had two grader operators thanks to Ray. He said the Town is lucky to have such a great highway crew.

6. Recommended Appointments to the State of Vermont
a. Fire Warden / Darrin Spaulding
b. Deputy Fire Warden / Joshua Dauphin

Motion: Appoint Darrin Spaulding as Fire Warden and Josh Dauphin as his Deputy.
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Cole
Vote: Unanimous in favor.

These are five-year appointments, according to Mr. Spaulding.

7. Approve Baltimore Road Project
Motion: Approve submission of the Baltimore Road culvert project by SWCRPC for completion during the 2018 FY.
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Cole

Mr. Morris said we had put in for the structures grant through the state for a couple of years. He said we have been denied every year, because we were low on the list due to the number of grants we have received. He said he had looked into various sources of money for any type of program that might tie into the culvert replacement. Water quality released some money for projects - this was on the list – it is one of three or four in the region that are “shovel-ready”. He said he was contacted by RPC who wanted to pick this up as one their projects for the year. RPC has to submit a small list of shovel-ready projects – this one is pretty high on the list and is looking like it will get its funding. This is the last of the culverts that need to get done on Baltimore Road. The engineers' cost estimate is $200,000. There will be a 20% match (about $40,000), but we can use in-kind donation – materials, excavating, cleaning, preparation for the project, etc.

This is the last of the Town's shovel-ready projects. Mr. Morris and Mr. Hazeltine will start putting together a project list and get some of them ready to go on the shelf.
Mr. Hazeltine said there is one more culvert to replace in the Baltimore Road area. The same brook runs across Green Valley Road. That will complete the area in preparation for high-water events.

Mr. Morris said they are looking at two culverts on Thrasher Road – hydraulic studies are being done for them. This will be followed by the engineering process.

Ms. Murphy asked if approval of submission of this project included setting aside the $40,000 match. Mr. Morris recommended discussing that at the next meeting. We are coming into the end of the fiscal year and will be looking at where funds are available. He said there would be no harm in waiting a couple of weeks.

Vote on the motion: Unanimous in favor

8. Budget Review (Discussion only)
Mr. Butler facilitated the discussion. He said May and June are shown as forecast months. As such, those numbers could change dramatically before the end of the year. He said we should be alright in all of the departments.

General Fund surplus: $24,810
Highway Fund surplus: $128,824
Solid Waste surplus: $21,618
Library surplus: $11,333

He noted that there is a large surplus in the highway budget, but was uncertain as to the exact cause. There was substantial discussion back and forth about what to do with the surplus funds – apply to the Baltimore Road project, put them in the reserves, hire another full-time person for the highway department.

Mr. Morris said that the new tracking program will provide data that will help answer questions about why there is a surplus and where the money should best be applied.

By next month, May budget data should be complete and only the June data will be forecast. Final numbers won't be available until the auditors finish their work later in July or August. Discussions will continue.

Mr. Morris asked for authorization to purchase new 3 new computers for the Town Office.

Motion: To authorize the Town Manager to spend up to $4500 for the purchase of new computers.
Made by: Mr. Boyer Second: Mrs. Esty
Vote: unanimous in favor

9. Hazard Mitigation Plan
Mrs. Esty said Alison Watkins from SWCRPC attended the meeting (held June 5, 2017) and walked attendees through a spread sheet to come up with a 5-year plan. This plan will be specific to Weathersfield. There will be another meeting in the next few weeks. Both fire chiefs, the police chief, a representative from Perkinsville village, Mr. Hazeltine, and Hal Wilkins were in attendance. Significant areas were indicated on a map. Ms. Watkins will compile the data and bring it back to a second meeting. She said it was a very good first meeting.

Mr. Morris said he was hoping that select board members would take turns attending these meetings so that everyone will be informed about the plan.

10. Approved Managed Services RFP
Motion: Award the managed service contract to CCI
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Boyer

Mr. Morris said an RFP for Managed IT Services had been released. Two bids had been received. The service contract would move us away from the “pay-by-the-hour” model and into a straight fee for service model as described by CCI last year. Mr. Butler described some of the detailed benefits the town would get from going to a service contract (e.g. no more $150/month charge for cloud back-up). He said we will need to buy 3-4 computers and a new file server by the end of 2018 to meet the terms of the contract. CCI can also help with the phone system and copier leases.

The current budget doesn't show an actual line for IT expenses, but enrollment in the contract should show in a number of lines throughout the budget. We should see a reduction in the long run.

Vote on the motion: Unanimous in favor

11. Appointments
There were no appointments.

12. Approve Warrants

Motion: To approve the warrants for June 5, 2017 as follow:

General Funds Operating Expenses $69,636.72
Payroll $19,383.27

Highway Fund Operating Expenses $20,698.01
Payroll $12,293.09

Solid Waste Management Fund
Operating Expenses $5,810.03
Payroll $1,904.55

Library Operating Expenses $398.06

Grants Operating Expenses $4,296.51

Agency Monies Operating Expenses $0.00

Reserves $475.00

Grand Totals Operating Expenses $101,314.33
Payroll $33,580.91

Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Boyer
Vote: Unanimous in favor

13. Future Meeting Agenda Items
a. 6/19/2017 Ascutney Fire Station
b. Future Agenda Items
13.b.i. Policy Review
13.b.i.A. Class IV Town Highway
13.b.i.B. Delinquent Tax, Water and Wastewater Assessment Collections
13.b.i.C. Zoning Board of Adjustment Alternate Member Use Policy

14. Executive Session as per 1 V.S.A. §313 (Personnel issue)
Motion: To enter executive session as per 1 V.S.A. §313, Personnel.
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Boyer
Vote: Unanimous in favor

The board came out of executive session at 8:49 PM. No action was taken.

15. Adjourn
Motion: To adjourn the meeting
Made by: Mrs. Esty Second: Mr. Boyer
Vote: Unanimous in favor

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
deForest Bearse

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