Fire Commission Meeting Minutes

Date:  Monday July 09, 2018 (07/09/18)

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Weathersfield Fire Commission

Meeting Minutes

Date: July 9, 2018

Location: Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association Station

Fire Commission Members: Chief Josh Dauphin; Chief Darrin Spaulding; Nancy Nutille-McEnemy; Tim Austin, Kelly Murphy

Town Administration: Ed Morris, Town Manager

Community Members: West Weathersfield Fire Department Members Tracey Dauphin and Natoshya Spaulding; Ascutney Fire Department Member Mark Girard

Meeting was called to order at 7:03; SAPA was not available to video tape.

Chair submitted a letter of resignation from the Fire Commission, effective August 14, 2018, to the Select Board, which was accepted at their last meeting. Conversation occurred around the possibility of picking another date.

Motion was made by Ms. Murphy to move the meeting to the second Thursday of the month, beginning in September; Second by Chief Dauphin. No additional discussion. Motion approved. The chair will write a letter to the Select Board to request her reappoint.

New Recording Secretary – deforest Debearse submitted her letter of resignation as recording secretary, because she couldn’t obtain the recording from SAPA in time to meet the open meeting law requirement. Tremendous appreciation to her for her efforts. A new recording secretary has submitted a letter of interest.

Additions or deletions to this agenda:

Ms. Murphy requested that two items be stated in the minutes:

1) the Select Board voted at the last meeting to direct the town manager to investigate options of a municipal department.

2) Chief Spaulding submitted AVFD’s roster via email to the town manager, who then circulated to all the fire commission members. This topic will be brought forward at the next regular meeting for discussion, so it’s warned prior to.

Comments from the public about items not on the agenda:


Approve the previous Meeting Minutes:

Motion by Chief Dauphin to approve the minutes as written of June 11, 2018; Second by Ms. Murphy; Approved unanimously. Future minutes should refer to the two chiefs as “Chiefs” and Mychael Spaulding as Mr. Spaulding, to avoid future confusion in the minutes.

Fire Chiefs Reports

Chief Dauphin-West Weathersfield Fire Department (see Chief’s report);

Chief Spaulding-Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association (see Chief’s report)


Old Business

1) Letter from Michael Lewallen (tabled from May 14, 2018) was tabled to next meeting.

2) Chief Dauphin reported that the Little Ascutney Dry Hydrant update work is completed and is working fine.

3) Joint fire drill previously scheduled for June 26 at the school did not occur due to a brush fire call. It was tentatively rescheduled for July 10, 2018.

4) Update Incident Photography/Social Media Policy – fire chiefs have not met; topic will be tabled until next regular meeting.

5) Fire Department Financials – Kelly will create a column of “explanation” for the 2016-2017 fiscal year; Mr. Girard will provide explanations to Ms. Murphy where AVFD feels clarification is necessary about specific line item amounts. A new draft will be brought forward at the next meeting.

6) Knox Box-Follow up-town policy for businesses:

Chief Spaulding spoke with Landon Wheeler, who is Fire Marshall for VT Department of Labor and Industry, who stated the town must follow knox box recommendations stated by the fire departments. There’s past precedent of businesses that had installed them previously; however, Mr. Morris could not locate a town policy stating the requirement. Town zoning checklist form that used to be handed to a potential business should be reinstated. Mr. Morris will research the prior form with new zoning administrator. If not found, a new one will be developed and given to the zoning board to be included with the application.

7) Hazardous Materials Response Ordinance (8/3/15)

The chiefs will meet to review the ordinance and supply comments, as well as identify the actual costs. Chair will resend hazmat reimbursement rates from FEMA, Area Towns and State Forest Dept. from Town Manager. Will be brought back at the September meeting as a working topic.

8) Weathersfield Fires Services Reimbursement Ordinance (12/16/10)

Kelly did not ask the select board for input, as the three who signed the last updated ordinance were not in attendance.

New Business

1) Town-wide Dry Hydrant Inventory (upcoming grant applications) – Mr. Morris requested a collaborative strategic plan for the town. Map will be revamped to include a different color for drafting site versus dry hydrant site. Chief Spaulding spoke to Hunter Press. They’re willing to put in a dry hydrant on Center Road. Mr. Morris reiterated the need for identifying weak areas throughout the town to prioritize a strategy for funding. Bow hydrant is out of service; further exploration will occur about a repair grant. Chief Spaulding will meet with Troy Dare. All others are working as of the spring on the Ascutney side. Each chief committed to working together to identify where the gaps should be filled, while considering travel distance, and bring back information to the fire commission. Topic will be added to the September agenda.

2) Discussion continued on the water storage concept on Daniels Property. Chief Spaulding distributed a copy of the quote from Daniels for $45,000 to install a 10,000 gallon precast concrete water storage tank with piping. Chief Spaulding will revisit the quote with Daniels.

3) Turn-out Gear Inventory from both departments: NFPA standards is 10 years. Chief Spaulding provided a written inventory and purchasing summary by year and stated that one set of bunker gear was purchased for approximately $2,200 during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Ms. Murphy asked what the remaining $10,000 appropriation from the town was used for, as it was restricted to hose and turn out gear. Chief Spaulding and Mark Girard stated they were unaware of the restriction. Chief Dauphin stated he was aware of the restriction and provided a review of his expenditures; 2 sets and 2 coats; hose was purchased for remaining money. Ms. McEnemy asked if the tax payers were aware of the restriction. The topic of the restricted $10,000 appropriation will be placed on the next agenda as it was not a warned topic.

Year End Financials Printout for review (fiscal year closed June 30, 2018) – Topic postponed to September.

Items for Future Discussion (Handouts for Review and Discussion at Future Meetings)

Fire Commission Policy and Procedures (May 2004)

Fire Departments Joint Training Schedule-Chiefs


Announcements (events)

            5 Alarm 5 K Run and BBQ July 28 8 a.m.- contact Na Toshya at WWFD

            Chief's Classic Golf: September 13

            Yard Sale; Columbus Day

Time and location of next meeting (s)

            Aug. 13: Martin Memorial Hall with the select board


Adjourn Time: Ms. Murphy made motion to adjourn at 9:26pm; second by Mr. Austin. No discussion. Approved.

Minutes submitted by Kelly Murphy

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