Fire Commission Agenda and Minutes

Date:  Thursday September 13, 2018 (09/13/18)

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Weathersfield Fire Commission

Meeting Agenda

Date: September 13, 2018 7 p.m.

Location: West Weathersfield Fire Station, Perkinsville

  • Call to Order Time:__________
  • Additions or deletions to this agenda
  • Comments from the public about items not on the agenda
  • Approve the previous Meeting Minutes Meeting Date _August 13, 2018

                                                                        Approved on Date___________

  • Fire Chiefs Reports
    1. Chief Dauphin-West Weathersfield Fire Department (to include number of calls)
    2. Chief Spaulding-Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association (to include number of calls)


  • Old Business
    1. Letter from Michael Lewallen (tabled from May 14, 2018)
    2. Knox Box-Follow up-town policy for businesses?-Town Manager, Zoning Administrator input
  • Town-wide Dry Hydrant Inventory/Map-Fire Chiefs and Town Manager
  1. Water Storage Tank on Daniels Property-estimate from Daniels Construction and other construction companies-Town Manager, Chief Spaulding
  2. Year End Financials for Fire Departments and Fire Commission
  • New Business
    1. Discussion/recap of Matrix Meeting with the Select Board Aug. 13-Kelly
    2. Golden Cross Ambulance-Josh
  • Active Shooter Paperwork-Darrin
  1. Budget discussion
  • Items for Future Discussion (Handouts for Review and Discussion at Future Meetings)
    1. Fire Commission Policy and Procedures
    2. Fire Departments Joint Training Schedule-Chiefs
  • Hazardous Materials Response Ordinance (8/3/15)

                        Analysis of wording by the Chiefs

                        Hazmat Reimbursement Rates FEMA, Area Towns and State                                          Forest Dept. from Town Manager

  1. Weathersfield Fires Services Reimbursement Ordinance (12/16/10)

                        Labor Cost reimbursement discussion-Kelly from select                                                 board discussion, State Statutes

  • Items for Next Meeting Agenda
  • Announcements (events)

            5Alarm 5k update

            Chief's Classic Golf Sept. 23

            Yard Sales, other fundraisers

  • Time and location of next meeting (s)

            Oct 11-Ascutney Fire Station,

            Nov. 8-West Weathersfield,

            Dec. 13-Ascutney Fire Station

  • Adjourn Time:____________

Fire Commission Minutes 9/13/18 Draft

Fire Commission

West Weathersfield Fire House

Perkinsville, VT

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 7:00 PM


Fire Commission Members Present:

Tim Austin

Josh Dauphin

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy

Darrin Spaulding

Fire Commission Members Absent:

Kelly Murphy

Town Manager: Ed Morris

Others Present:

Tracy Dauphin, Jordyn Bagalio, Mychael Spaulding

  • Call to Order:

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

  • Additions or deletions to this agenda


  • Comments from the public about items not on the agenda

Town Manager noted that his presentation to the Select Board regarding the Municipal Fire Study will take place at the next Select Board Meeting on Monday September 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Martin Memorial Hall. This will include a presentation and handouts from the study. Discussions regarding this presentation will take place at the following Select Board Meeting in October.

Town Manager handed out DMV Forms to both Fire Chiefs. Anyone driving a town vehicle or apparatus is supposed to have one completed.

  • Approve the previous Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Date _August 13, 2018

Chief Dauphin would like additional notes regarding Recommendation # 8 “Single Department” explaining more about why we are looking at a single Municipal Department. Recording Secretary will go back and review notes and recording to update minutes and submitted amended minutes for next meeting on October 18th.

5.) Fire Chief Reports:

  1. Chief Dauphin – West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Responded to a structure fire in Cavendish a couple of weeks ago.
  • Training and maintenance checks were performed.
  • Truck was present at Customer Appreciation Day at Wellwood Orchards on Saturday, September 1st.
  • Truck was present at the Touch-A-Truck Event at Ascutney Village Farmers Market on Saturday, August 25th.
  • WWVFD attended the Solar Power class in Ascutney.
  • WWVFD had the 5K and Chicken BBQ – there were multiple events happening on that day. The 5K and Chicken BBQ felt the impact of those other events.
  • Coin Drop will be coming up on Columbus Day, Monday, October 8th.
  • Handouts for July, August and September calls.

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy offered to help with next year’s 5K to help get the word out to other running groups to get some additional momentum as she is involved with Covered Bridges.

  1. Chief Spaulding – Ascutney Fire Department
  • AVFD has responded to 70 calls to date.
  • The ladder truck has been tested and passed inspection by Mistras.
  • Final details are being completed for the 5th Annual Chief’s Classic Golf Tournament on Sunday, September 23rd starting at 8 am. Currently 18 teams, approximately 43 T-sign sponsors, Dingy and Reed are $500 sponsors, Harley Davidson out of Lebanon NH is a beer cart sponsor. Gourney Brothers is also sponsoring.
  • Yard sale items are still being collected for the Yard Sale being held on Columbus Day Weekend. The AVFD has been offered 2 house cleanouts for the fundraiser. The yard sale will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • AVFD was at the Touch-A-Truck event at Ascutney Village Farmers Market on Saturday, August 25th. It was a very successful event and had many trucks from local agencies in attendance.
  • September 11th tribute was continued with the ladder truck on display with the flag at the Ascutney Village Farmers Market.
  • Participated in the Customer Appreciation Day celebration at Wellwood Orchard on Saturday, September 1
  • AVFD was able to bulk buy foam via the Upper Valley Mutual Aid, purchasing 48, 5-gallon jugs. This saved the Department $40 per jug by purchasing a pallet of foam. Woodstock, Lyme, Thetford, Norwich, Proctorsville, Strafford, Hartford and AVFD participated in the bulk buy. There is one drop point and then distributed to the participants.
  • Handouts were given for the full Fiscal Year for calls with the exception of August.


6.) Old Business:

  1. i) Letter from Michael Lewallen (tabled from May 14, 2018)

Josh spoke to Michael Lewallen and he said that he was not able to make the Fire Commission meeting on 9/13/18, but as it was so close to the Select Board Meeting and the letter was already on record we could remove it from the agenda. Per Town Manager we could remove from the agenda and if Michael Lewallen shows up we can add it.

  1. ii) Knox Box-Follow up-town policy for businesses:

The Town Manager spoke with the Town Attorney about requiring the use of Knox Boxes at Commercial Businesses in Town. The Town Attorney said that it should be the business owner’s decision whether or not they want to have a Knox Box, but the Town and Fire Department should recommend having one and why they are needed. If the Fire Department decides that they want to mandate Knox Boxes, it should be written as a Town Ordinance with which businesses will be mandated, what the fines would be for non-compliance and how the ordinance would be enforced.

The Town Manager has asked Sven to add discussing Knox Boxes to the Zoning Applications as a recommendation. Some local business have already started using the Knox Boxes to avoid unnecessary damage to doors if the Fire Department needs to gain access in the event of a fire.

There was some discussion regarding the communication between the new Zoning Administrator, Sven and the Fire Departments. Per the Town Manager there has not been any new highway or drive way permits submitted since Sven has started other than one for a permit for a party on a one lane road. Ultimately the permit was denied, but had not been communicated back to Chief Spaulding after the request had been submitted.

  • iii) Town-wide Dry Hydrant Inventory/Map-Fire Chiefs and Town Manager

Chief Dauphin provided a list and map of the current hydrants by types and locations. (Please see attached documents) Original map given to the Fire Commission at the July 18th Meeting included actual dry hydrant sites as well as drafting sites. The map given to the Fire Commission on September 13th only reflects current actual dry hydrants. The current discussion is to review the map and to see where the biggest needs are and where we could potentially add additional hydrants. (**Please note – Hydrant Map does not include the dry hydrant on Golden Ridge Road and the Running Bear tank listed on the spreadsheet is listed as a 10,000-gallon tank, but should be listed as a 5,000-gallon tank.)

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy asked the Chiefs where they see the biggest need? The Town Manager asked that the Fire Departments put together a list and then work with the Fire Commission to find the areas with the most need and prioritize. Then we can then start to identify cost associated with adding the hydrants which will be helpful when trying to secure grants to help with funding.

Areas noted in discussion for WWVFD:

Reservoir to Wellwood Orchards

Butterfield Hill Road

Stokes Road


Ascutney Basin


                        Areas noted in discussion for AAFD:

                        Roberts Road

                        Melody Lane

AVFD and WWVFD Chiefs will create a “Wish List” for the next meeting, identifying a list of 5 areas for each department that we can prioritize and get an updated map to take to the Select Board. The Town Manager is working with the Select Board on a Long-Term Capital Plan and this can be added to that as a living document and updated as needed.       

  1. iv) Water Storage Tank on Daniels Property-estimate from Daniels Construction and other construction companies-Town Manager, Chief Spaulding.

Original quote was giving by Daniels in 2016 and was for “Installation of a 10,000-gallon precast concreate water storage tank with piping to a live hydrant located next to Daniels employee parking lot. Tank to be fed from existing underdrain system. Overflow pipe will discharge into the catch basin south of the parking lot.” Quote was for $45,000

Chief Spaulding requested an updated quote for 2018 for the same. The new quote is for $47,000.

Per the quote, “This project is being constructed on Daniel’s property, competing contractors will not be allowed access to the site.”

Per the Town Manager, if we do not get multiple bids we will not be able to use any grant funds.

Chief Dauphin “Do we know what it would cost to just get a 10,000-gallon tank in?”

Chief Spaulding “It used to be $1 per gallon, now its $2 per gallon”.

Town Manager clarified that this was for a pre-cast concrete tank.

Chief Dauphin requested to know how much it would be if we just got a 10,000-gallon tank and installation at an area of our choosing. Chief Spaulding is going to request a quote using a different type of material and a bid to install a tank to use in another location to present for the next Fire Commission meeting on 10/18/18.

There was discussion about the cost of a new municipal hydrant if we were to add one. Town Manager did some quick research and the average is approximately $4,500. He will do further research to present for the next Fire Commission meeting.

  1. v) Year End Financials for Fire Departments and Fire Commission

Town Manager presented:

Financials are not finalized, there are still a couple of changes. The line item for the Dry Hydrant Budget is maxed out.

After the necessary changes the budget is under by approximately $15,000. Per discussion with the Select Board, that surplus will be moved to the Fire Equipment Reserve based on the Fire Contract.

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy asked if we are approximately 20% below budget on all 3 of our budgets does that mean we over budgeted or the revenue is higher than planned?

Town Manager responded that it may be a combination of both. There may be a smaller project that wasn’t completed. The Town has to budget fuel a year in advance so they might not have spent as much in fuel as planned. There are additional efficiencies.

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy asked when the bond was done on the fire truck. It’s                   listed for another 4 years.

No big purchases are planned for the coming year.

The Capital Plan will include documentation that explains when and why the trucks and equipment are replaced and purchased along with their schedules.

The next truck that is due to come up for replacement is 2021 just as the current truck is scheduled to be paid off.

Last year the Truck Reserve was voted down, but was approved for the current year.

Chief Spaulding brought up a concern he has with not receiving his maintenance slips so that he can keep track of his budgeting. He has only been receiving his fuel slips from the Town Office. There was $4,600 in repairs listed for June, but he did not know what these are for.

When a truck needs maintenance or repairs, Chief Spaulding calls Ray, Ray tells them where to go for the maintenance/repairs, the bills go to the Town not to the Fire Department.

The Town Manager is going to follow up with Darlene in the Town Office to make sure the slips are being sent to the Fire Chiefs and will follow up for the next meeting.

Finalized budget needs to be submitted to the Select Board in November. Town Manager is going to request that the Budgeting worksheet be sent to the Fire Commission the week of 9/17/18 fir review. It will include the past 3 years of actual budgeting and a place for notes for the upcoming budget.

  • New Business
  • Discussion/recap of Matrix Meeting with the Select Board Aug. 13-Kelly

Kelly was absent. Discussion was tabled until our next meeting 10/18/18.

  1. Golden Cross Ambulance-Josh

There have been issues over the years and recently that have raised some concern.

#1 concern has been patient care. Our contract with Golden Cross is that they send 2 attendants that come on the call.

Time Delay issues reaching all areas.

Making sure the ambulance that is coming is appropriately staffed and trained for the nature of the call.

We need to work with Golden Cross to know who they are sending for the call and calling mutual aid if needed.

Previously when there were issues one of the Fire Chiefs would discuss them with Dale (the owner) at Golden Cross. When the Chiefs are calling Golden Cross, there is no documentation for the Town Manager to go to them with.

Per the Town Manager, if we are having issues with Golden Cross we need to document all incidents in a timely manner and give them to Ed. They need to be documented so a discussion can be had with Golden Cross.

  1. Active Shooter Paperwork-Darrin

Paperwork was sent to the Town Manager with people willing to do the training and Town Manager will set up a release form for training to get completed.

  1. Budget discussion set up for next Fire Commission Meeting 10/18/18.
  • Items for Next Meeting Agenda
  • Dry Hydrant Lists
  • Budget Worksheets
  • Invoice Follow Up
  • Time and location of next meeting (s)

            Oct 18-Ascutney Fire Station,

            Nov. 8-West Weathersfield,

            Dec. 13-Ascutney Fire Station

Motion to adjourn the Fire Commission at 8:35 pm.

Made by: Darrin Spaulding, Second Tim Austin

Vote: Unanimous in favor

Submitted by – Chauncie Raymond

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