Prudential Committee Ascutney Fire District #2 Minutes

Date:  Thursday October 11, 2018 (10/11/18)

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Regular Meeting of the Prudential Committee

ASCUTNEY Fire District #2

6:00 PM, Thursday, October 11, 2018



Members in attendance:

Prudential Committee – Everett Bingham and William Southard


Manager – Ed Morris

  1. Meeting was called to order by Everett Bingham at 6:03 P.M.
  1. Changes to Agenda – None


  1. Approval of the Minutes from September 10, 2018


Motion was made by Everett Bingham and seconded by William

Southard to approve the minutes from September 10th, 2018.

   Motion passed 2-0 abstained.


  1. Budget Review- Reviewed Budget numbers from FY2018. Currently we are $4833.13, above budget. The issue from last month was the lack of revenue recorded for the $37,500 transfer to reserves.
  1. Discussion of Cemetery Road Water Project- Contacted Betty Brooks and she was very appreciative of the boards willingness to help. She stated it may be about a year until the line needs to be extended.
  1. Water Usage Discussion- Water usage has dropped by half since the the water leaks around town have been addressed
  1. Warrant – Paul Tillman made a motion to accept the warrant

                     with expenditures totaling:

   Operations = $156.00

   Project       = $0

   Total         = $156.00


                     seconded by William Southard, Motion Passed 2-0

  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:20

______________________         _____________________            ______________________

Everett Bingham (Chair)                Bill Southard (Vice Chair)              Paul Tillman

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