Planning Commission Minutes

Date:  Monday April 23, 2018 (04/23/18)

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Monday, April 23, 2018

I. Call to Order
Chair, Nancy Heatley called the meeting to order at 7:02pm,
Introductions: Nancy Heatley, Ed Morris (Town Manager), Paul Tillman, Michael Todd, Julia Lloyd Wright (Energy Coordinator, ex-officio)
Visitors: Ron Tabor, Michael and Robin Dawson: Sargent Sub-Division Hearing

II. Agenda Review - 04/23/2018

III. George and Michele Sargent, 1152 Route 106 in Perkinsville, Vermont, subdivision of 2.93 acres ( Weathersfield property #11-01-13) Final Plat Review - 2-lot residential Subdivision comprised of Lot 1, (1.47 acres) and Lot 2, (1.46 acres) (Hearing continued from 03/26/2018)
The Final Plat dated 04/16/2018 was submitted to the Commission by the Sargent’s Surveyor Ronald Tabor.
Checklist for Final Subdivision plat was completed and approved by the Commission. Under Item (E) The Commission required that the following be added to the Final Plat:
4. Stormwater Management Plans: “As per handbook will be followed”
5. Erosion Control Plans: “Prevention and sediment control”
A copy of the signed agreement for maintenance of the Right of Way with Kenneth and Kimberly Bingham and Michael and Robin Dawson, dated 04/12/2018, was also handed to the Commission.
Michael Todd requested that existing wells should be shown on the mylar.
The Hearing was closed at 7:20pm
Michael and Robin Dawson arrived after the Hearing was closed, they said everything was fine with the agreement, no other participants were present.
A motion was made by Michael Todd to approve subdivision #11-01-13 for George and Michele Sargent for a two-lot subdivision at 1152 Route 106 in Perkinsville, Vermont, seconded by Paul Tillman. Voted: Unanimously.

IV. Review Minutes from previous meeting 04/09/2018
This item was deferred to the next meeting on May 14, 2018

V. Zoning Bylaw Review
a. 3.5 Off Street Parking - The Planning Commission determined there should be no setback for a fence.
A motion was made by Michael Todd to approve the language as amended on 04/23/2018, seconded by Paul Tillman. Ed Morris said this bylaw has already been reviewed by the selectboard and was ready for a public hearing. Voted: Unanimously

b. 3.6 Outdoor Lighting -
Following discussion a motion was made by Michael Todd to accept 3.6 Outdoor Lighting language as amended, seconded by Paul Tillman. Voted: Unanimously

c. 3.8 Signs -
A motion was made by Michael Todd to accept 3.8 Signs with no additional changes, seconded by Paul Tillman, Voted: Unanimously

d. 4.1 Accessory Dwelling Units (VSA 24 s/s4412(1)(E) -
A motion was made by Paul Tillman to accept 4.1 Accessory Dwelling Units, seconded by Michael Todd.
Following a rearrangement of wording and whether to write out the entire State Statute, Ed Morris will speak with Regional Planning and research the 30 percent cap that the unit not exceed total habitable floor area of the single-family dwelling. This bylaw will be added to the next agenda for review.

e. 4.4 Gasoline Stations/Convenience Stores -
Paul Tillman made a motion to accept 4.4 Gasoline Stations/Convenience Stores, seconded by Michael Todd. Voted: Unanimously

f. 4.5 Home-Based Occupation and Home-Based Business -
A Motion was made by Paul Tillman to accept 4.5 Home-Based Occupation and Home-Based Business, seconded by Michael Todd.
No zoning permit is required for 4.5.1 Home-Based Occupation but any changes to the original application shall require a permit review. (c) Home-Based Business - Level 2 Ed Morris will contact Regional Planning regarding definition of ‘incidental’ and ‘subordinate’ where the area of the home-based business shall not exceed 4000 sq.ft. in a residential structure or an existing outbuilding.
Year-round screening was discussed and owner maintaining/replacing dead foliage.
Sign Standards for home-based business, Level 1 and Level 2 - changes to sizing of Signs should be incorporated into 4.5 with draft wording for review at the next meeting.

g. 6.9 Waiver -
A motion was made by Paul Tillman to accept 6.9 Waivers, seconded by Michael Todd. Voted: Unanimously.

h. Setback recommendation -
This will be reviewed at the next meeting

VI. Future Agenda Items for Review on May 14, 2018.
• Bylaw Setback recommendations
• Home-based Businesses - Review documents
• Accessory Dwelling Units
• Set Hearing dates for Bylaw Review
• Approve Minutes for April 9, 2018 and April 23, 2018

The next meeting will be held on Monday at 7pm on May 14, 2018

VII. Adjourn.
A motion to adjourn was made by Paul Tillman at 9:15pm, seconded by Michael Todd. Voted: Unanimously.


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