Planning Commission Agenda

Date:  Monday June 24, 2019 (06/24/19)

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Planning Commission Agenda

Martin Memorial Hall – 5259 Route 5, Ascutney, Vermont 05030

Monday, 24 June 2019 - 7 PM


1.  Call to Order

2.  Agenda Review – 24 June 2019  

3.  Public Hearing – Proposed bylaw – Processing of Agricultural Forestry Products

              “I. The following shall be added to Section 4.32(e) as a Permitted Principal Use in a Conservation (C-10) District:

                                   Processing of Agricultural/Forestry Products (see definitions)

                                   II. The following shall be added to Section 8 Definitions:

                                  Processing of Agricultural/Forestry Products: The primary processing of agricultural and forestry products of commercial value whether the                                   processing occurs at the site where the product was harvested or at a site that is not the harvest site.”

4.  Comments from Citizens

5.  Continuation of discussion – Solar developments – Norwich Solar Technologies, Inc.

              * Proposed solar array developments at Transfer Station and Highway Garage properties

6.  Approval of Meeting Minutes – 28 May 2019 & 10 June 2019

7.  Discussion of potential inventory of dams

8.  Zoning Bylaw Updates

              (a) Airport Overlay District Map – updated and corrected

              * Please bring January 28 meeting packet for the below agenda items:

              (b) Conservation of Natural Resources bylaw

                             - Agricultural zoning

                             - Places having unique ecological interest or value

                             - Connecticut River

                             - Pond construction

                             - Steep slopes and high elevation

                             - Streambank conservation

                             - Wetlands

                             - Damaged structures                     

9.  Next meeting agenda

10.  Adjourn


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission will be Monday, 8 July 2019 - 7 PM, Martin Memorial Hall

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