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Weathersfield Select Board


May 7, 2012


Dan Boyer

Michael Todd

Norman John Arrison

Richard Clattenburg

Others Present:

Jim Mullen, Town Manager

Lisa Slade, Recording Secretary

Chris Adams

Wes Hazeltine

Edith Stillson

BJ Esty

Lynn Esty

Bruce Murray

Amy Beth Main

deForest Bearse

1. Call to Order: Mr. Boyer called the Weathersfield Select Board meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Moment of Silence: Mr. Boyer asked for a moment of silence in memory of Edith Hunter and Kathy Miller.

3. Comments from Citizens and Select Board: Amy Beth Main said she has lived on Weathersfield Center Road since 2007 and there have been six accidents right near her house with three happening in the last eighteen months. She said Chief Brown said in the past that they would put stone along side the road and put up signs to warn of the corner and this has not been done.

            Mr. Boyer said we can look at doing work along the road side but guardrails are very expensive and would have to be a budget item. Mr. Hazeltine said he has talked with an Engineer in the past and they did not recommend putting up a sign for a sharp corner, he said it is the speed that leads to the accident. Mr. Arrison said he agrees it is speed and inattention. It was the consensus of the Board to put this on the agenda again for discussion.

            Mrs. Slade asked the Board to instruct the Town Manger and Chief Brown to use all of the hours for part time police officers that is allotted in the current budget (30 hours per week). She asked the Board to add police coverage to their 2012 goals and to look at the police department budget during the next budget session and budget for more police coverage. She said she understands more police coverage will mean an increase in the budget but this is something that should go before the taxpayers for a vote.

            Mr. Arrison said some Norway maple trees have been replaced with Sugar maple trees at the Weathersfield Center Grove.

            Mr. Boyer asked the status on the flashing speed limit sign that we were supposed to have on Route 5 near the School House Road. Mr. Mullen said it should be here next summer. Mr. Boyer said we should stay on this so we can get it as soon as possible. There was discussion that a sign like this may help slow traffic on Weathersfield Center Road.

4. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): tabled until May 21, 2012.

5. EPA Honor, Julia Lloyd Wright: Mr. Boyer acknowledged Ms. Julia Lloyd Wright for all of the hard work she does for the Town of Weathersfield as the Energy Coordinator and congratulated her on receiving an individual merit award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

6. Update on Weatherfield Directory, Lynn Esty: Mrs. Esty said this is coming along, the website is up and running and she is looking for volunteers. She encouraged everyone to visit the website at Mr. Mullen will ask for a link to this site to be put on the Towns website.

7. Bids/Contracts/Grants/Requests for Proposals

            A. Award Bid for Paving Amsden School Road: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to award the contract to Bazin Brothers Trucking to shim Amsden School Road for $89.00 per ton not to exceed $10,000. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

8. Old Business

            A. 2012 Select Board Goals: Mr. Boyer asked Mr. Todd and Mr. Clattenburg to prioritize the list and email him so he can add their priorities to his and Mr. Arrison's.

            B. Perkinsville Reuse Committee Update

            -Clay Point Associates and Purchase of the School Buildings by the Town: Mr. Todd said there was a recent meeting to review preliminary designs and to prepare for a lease. He said they are waiting for the estimate from BMA now. Mr. Mullen said he should have this tomorrow. Mr. Clattenburg said the Town will be like a landlord for this option and we need to know how much rental we should charge to make this work and what protection we have if the lease does not work out. Mr. Mullen said we just received the mold report and as soon as the State accepts the HazMat report we can take ownership.

            C. Sign 2011 Bridge Inspection Reports, State of Vermont: Mr. Arrison made the motion to sign the inspection report, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Mrs. Slade asked when Thrasher Road bridge would be open. Mr. Hazeltine said they should be paving next week and it will be open right after that. Motion carried unanimously.

            D. Irene Update: Mr. Adams gave the Board an update on Irene's financial impact. He said out of twenty two projects, nineteen have been approved. He noted there was still a debate over Branch Brook Road. Mr. Arrison asked if the culverts etc have been checked on Plains Road. Mr. Hazeltine said he will look at them to be sure they are ok.

9. New Business

            A. Veterans' Memorial Committee Update: Mrs. Bearse gave the Board an update from the Veterans' Memorial Committee. The educational component is coming together with the school and landscaping will be done down to the Perkinsville Green.

            B. Approve Town Highway Structures Grant Application for 0.2 mile Baltimore Road Culvert: Mr. Mullen said an Engineer is working on this and he should have the details within a few days. He said the estimated cost is $175,000 and the match is 10%. Mr. Todd made the motion to approve submittal of an application for funding under the Town Highway Structures Program for the Concrete Box Culvert Project located 0.2 miles west of Vermont Route 106, and to approve the Certifications of Compliance for Town Road and Bridge Standards. Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

            C. Department Reports

            -Cash Flow: Mr. Adams said overall we are in good shape

            -Police: Mrs. Slade asked the Board if they could obtain a similar report from the State Police to get an accurate picture on the activity in Town.

            -Solid Waste: It was said that metal is the only item we are currently "selling".

10. Policies/Ordinances

            A. Adopt Amendments to Town Highway & Bridge Standards: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to adopt the amendments to the Town Highway & Bridge Standards. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

            B. Amend Policy on Use of Alcohol on Town Owned Property (Second Reading): There was discussion on consumed vs. served and it was the consensus of the Board that both words should be included, Mr. Mullen will make the revisions. Mr. Todd made the motion to move to the third reading once these changes are made. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

            C. Review Policy on Fireworks Permit: Mr. Arrison said his goal is to prevent "loop holes" in the application guidelines, he said the Town is required to inspect fireworks displays after they are set up before they are set off. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

11. Appointments: none

12. Sign Treasurer's Warrants: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the following:


            General Fund Payroll                                                 $23,401.49

            General Fund Operating Expense                                        $21,368.72

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                            $18,485.09

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                       $21,634.00

            Solid Waste Management Fund                                            $ 2,046.51

            Solid Waste Operating Expense                                           $ 7,339.57

            Library                                                                                    $         6.54

            Grants                                                                         $       43.25

            Reserves                                                                                $       29.95

Mr. Todd seconded the motion. The Board asked Mr. Hazeltine how long the new grader tires should last. Mr. Hazeltine said 4 - 5 years and if they are still in good condition when we trade the grader we can keep them. Mr. Clattenburg asked what Gurney Construction swept with the street sweeper, Mr. Hazeltine said down in Perkinsville. Motion carried unanimously.

13. Future Meeting Agenda Items: fireworks application/permit process, police department, emergency management plan, financial reports, public hearing on height limitations.

14. Adjourn: Mr. Todd made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Weathersfield Select Board meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        Lisa Slade

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on May 21, 2012


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