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Weathersfield Select Board


June 4, 2012

Present:                       Dan Boyer

                                    Richard Clattenburg

                                    Michael Todd

                                    Dave Fuller

                                    Norman John Arrison

Others Present:            Jim Mullen, Town Manager

                                    Lisa Slade, Recording Secretary

                                    Wes Hazeltine

                                    Edith Stillson

                                    Ross Girard

                                    Josh Dauphin

                                    Brenda Richardson

                                    Howard Papineau

                                    Chief Brown

1. Call to Order: Mr. Boyer called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall.

2. Comments from Citizens and Select Board: Mr. Boyer said Mr. Arrison will be a little bit late. Mr. Hazeltine said the signs ordered for the Weathersfield Center Road have arrived and they were installed today. He said the Highway Department will need to trim brush to make them more visible. Mr. Boyer announced that the Vietnam Veteran's moving wall will be in Springfield from July 12th - July 16th and they are looking for volunteers. He also noted the passing of Darcy Hodgdon, the owner of Hodgdon Brothers junk yard and a long time Weathersfield resident.

3. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Mr. Todd made the motion to approve the minutes dated May 21, 2012, Mr. Fuller seconded the motion. Corrections were noted. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Application for Fireworks Permit, Running Bear Camping Area: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to grant the permit to Running Bear Campground for July 3rd with a rain date of July 7th. Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

5. New Business

            A. Purchase of Replacement Forestry Truck, West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department: Mr. Dauphin said they now have a 1985 Chevy one ton that used to be Ascutney's truck, they acquired this six or seven years ago. He said while doing routine service it was noticed the spring shackle is cracked. Mr. Dauphin said West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department would like to replace this truck with a 2006 Ford F350 dual wheel crew cab.

            Mr. Clattenburg asked how often this vehicle was used, Mr. Dauphin said it goes to 85% of the their calls. Mr. Clattenburg asked how the truck was equipped, Mr. Dauphin said it carries personnel, the 300 gallon skid tank, hand tools, sign packages etc.

            Mr. Boyer asked where the funds would come from for the purchase. Mr. Dauphin said the department would take a loan for ten years. Mr. Todd asked the purchase price, Mr. Dauphin said $21,000.

            Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to approve routine preventative maintenance by the Town and the provision of insurance by the Town for the proposed replacement Forestry Truck for the West Weathersfield Fire Department, Mr. Fuller seconded the motion.

            Mr. Fuller said he heard about this at the Fire Commission meeting and as far as he knows the Town highway department has not looked at the truck to see what condition it is in. He asked the total cost. Mr. Dauphin said the total cost is $30,000. Mr. Fuller said he doesn't think a ten year pay back on a purchase like this is good financial practice. He said at this point he does not support this.

            Mr. Todd asked how repairs for routine preventative maintenance were authorized. Mr. Fuller said this has been an agreement between the Fire Departments and the Town for several years now.

            Mr. Dauphin said the truck is on hold for them at G Stone Motors in Middlebury, VT. Mr. Fuller said we just sold an F550 diesel truck with one hundred thousand miles on it, maybe with a better thought out plan that truck could have been used for this and a lot of money could have been saved.

            Mr. Arrison asked if the truck has ever plowed, Mr. Dauphin said no. Mr. Arrison asked if they checked with the State to see if they had any trucks available. Mr. Dauphin said they didn't have any intentions to purchase a truck until they learned their current truck needs repair so they just started looking and found this one.

            Mr. Fuller said this was not a cooperative effort through the Fire Commission, Mr. Dauphin came to the Fire Commission and announced they were making this purchase.   Motion failed 0 - 5.

            Mr. Arrison made the motion to table this discussion until June 18, 2012 to allow the Town mechanic and Wes time to look a the truck and make a recommendation to the Board. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

            B. Returnable Cans/Bottles Policy for Transfer Station: Mr. Arrison made the motion to establish a redemption program at the Transfer Station as described in the memo to the Board dated May 30, 2012, Mr. Todd seconded the motion.

            Mr. Fuller asked what happens now and what has been done in the recent past. Mr. Hazeltine said different entities have collected them in the past but there were issues doing this. He said the Town kept the money at one point but since we transferred to Windham they go in one of the containers. Mr. Fuller asked how much money we are talking about, Mr. Hazeltine said maybe $100 per week. Mr. Fuller asked if this would generate extra work for the facility and if we have room for storage. Mr. Hazeltine said he has talked with Mr. Mullen about this for a year and he has also talked to Robert Westney and it should work fine.

            It was noted Robert Westney probably gets 8 cents per returnable and he would give us 5 cents. Mr. Arrison noted that we have another redemption center in Town and this may cause a conflict.

            Mr. Arrison amended his motion to include the details on how to distribute collected funds will be decided at a later date, Mr. Todd seconded the amendment. Motion carried unanimously.

            C. Grants

            -2014 Emergency Generator Grant: Mr. Mullen said he has talked to the Red Cross and they have three shelters already established in our area. Mr. Fuller said the Red Cross also has some mobile units for emergencies but they do encourage Towns to establish their own "sub" shelters. It was discussed that we should know what we really need for our Town based on the population etc before moving forward. Mr. Mullen said he will talk to the Red Cross for more details.

            -2012 Municipal Park-and-Ride Grant Received: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to accept a 2012 Municipal Park-an-Ride Grant for $67,316 to construct a Park-and-Ride facility on Route 106 north of Downers Four Corners, Mr. Arrison seconded the motion.

            Mr. Fuller asked if we need to go the Planning or Zoning Board for this. Mr. Mullen said no because it is within the State right-of-way but he will share this information with them. Mr. Mullen confirmed this is site specific. Mr. Fuller said his opposition is it is only for eleven parking spaces and this site is not eligible for expansion due to wetlands. Motion carried unanimously.

-Mr. Boyer announced a section of Baltimore Road will be closed starting June 5th for a couple of weeks for construction.

6. Old Business

            A. Irene Update

            -Expense and Review: The Board received an update on the summary of expenses.

            -Authorize Ascutney Basin Road Repairs: Mr. Arrison made the motion to accept the April 17, 2012 proposal from Miller Construction, Inc. to repair the Ascutney Basin Bridge for a cost of $6,260, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Arrison said he thinks this should have gone out to bid. Mr. Hazeltine said we had Miller Construction give us numbers so we could get a number to FEMA. Mr. Fuller said he agrees with Mr. Arrison this should have been sent out to bid. Mr. Mullen said FEMA has approved the deck work and railing only. Mr. Fuller asked if this included the rip rap, Mr. Mullen said no. Motion carried unanimously.

            B. Prioritize 2012 Select Board Goals: Mr. Boyer said he doesn't have the list in front of him but we have been working on this at each meeting. Mr. Todd said each Board member may want to have a goal or two added to this list like he does. It was discussed that if a Board member wants to add any items to let Mr. Boyer know.

            C. Discuss Options for Policing Services in Post Chief Brown Era: Chief Brown said he has been with the Town for about eighteen years and he is ready to retire. He said he believes the Townspeople like their own police force and he does not feel a regional force is the way to go. Mr. Clattenburg asked him why he felt this way. Chief Brown said we need the personal connection and you can't have that when you don't have the same Police Officer in Town on a regular basis. Chief Brown said it is time to enlarge our department to two full time Officer's.

            Mr. Fuller said he agrees, you can't put a value on name recognition which is what Chief Brown has after serving our Town for so many years. Mr. Arrison said he would like some numbers put together and then hold public meetings to see what the people in Town want.

            Mr. Todd said during the last three budget seasons we have seen the highway and general fund balances grow. He said we can look at different areas and shift money tot he police department without generating huge costs to the taxpayers.

            It was said that as of July 1st we have thirty hours per week allotted to part time Officer's and a new part time Officer will start July 1st.

            Mr. Mullen and Chief Brown will work some numbers for the Board as to what the budget may look like if there were two full time Officer's.

7. Appointments: none

8. Sign Treasurer's Warrants: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the Treasurer Warrants as follows:

            General Funds Payroll                                                         $16,161.94

            General Funds Operating Expense                                     $36,311.12

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                         $12,031.64

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                     $ 3,987.73

            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                             $ 1,289.66

            Solid Waste Management Fund Operating Expense         $ 4,308.93

            Library                                                                                   $       67.21

            Agency Monies                                                                      $     100.00

            Grants                                                                                    $ 7,597.23

Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Todd asked if we had a written policy on what we reimbursed for mileage expense, Mr. Mullen said no but he approves them. Motion carried unanimously.

9. Future Meeting Agenda Items: Next meeting to be held at the Highway Garage on June 18th. WWVFD truck, police force, solid waste fees, Select Board goals and the tax rate will be on the agenda.

10. Mr. Arrison made the motion to go into Executive Session for Contract discussion. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

11. Adjourn: Mr. Fuller made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Weathersfield Select Board meeting was adjourned at 9:28 p.m.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        Lisa Slade

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on June 18, 2012


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