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Weathersfield Select Board




June 18, 2012


Present:                        Michael Todd


                                    Norman John Arrison


                                    Dan Boyer


                                    Richard Clattenburg


                                    Dave Fuller


Others Present  :           Jim Mullen, Town Manager


                                    Wes Hazeltine, Highway Superintendent


                                    Lisa Slade, Recording Secretary


                                    Edith Stillson


                                    Pat Daniels


                                    Rodney Spaulding


                                    Darrin Spaulding


                                    Dale West


                                    Brenda Richardson


                                    Howard Richardson


                                    Julia Lloyd Wright


                                    David Gulbrandsen


                                    deForest Bearse


                                    Chris Adams


                                    Peter Korbet


                                    Josh Dauphin


                                    Jeff Spurr


                                    Chief Brown


1. Call to Order: Mr. Boyer called the Weathersfield Select Board meeting to order at the Highway Garage at 7:00 p.m.


2. Comments fro Citizens and Select Board: Mr. Boyer publicly acknowledged the Veterans Memorial Committee and all of the other organizations, companies and individuals that worked at the Veterans Memorial Monument on the Perkinsville Green doing the landscaping.


            Mr. Boyer announced the resignation of Chris Adams, Town Accountant, and thanked him for his work over the last six and one half years.


            Mrs. Daniels said the Select Board voted to spend up to $1,000 at Martin Memorial Hall for heating/cooling systems and this has not been done yet, she asked that this move along as soon as possible.


            Mrs. Lloyd Wright said she is on the July 2nd agenda and gave the Select Board members information to review before that meeting.


            The Board had a letter from Mr. Korbet expressing his concerns with a few items that were discussed at the last meeting. He provided his comments on the possible purchase of a new truck for West Weathersfield Fire Department, the returnable containers at the Transfer Station, the discussion on the Police Department and the Grant for the Park & Ride in Perkinsville.


3. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the minutes dated June 4, 2012, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Corrections were noted. Motion carried 4 - 0 (Mr. Fuller had left the meeting for a few minutes).


4. Public Hearing/Zoning Bylaw Amendments, Section 7.23 Self-Storage Facility et al): Mr. Boyer opened the Public Hearing and read the Notice of Public Hearing that was posted.


            Mrs. Bearse said this proposed amendment has been the interim by law for a year and a half. She noted the Planning Commission held their Public Hearing on this and no citizens were present at that meeting. Mr. Todd made the motion to adopt the proposed amendment to Sections 7.2 Self Storage Facility, Section 4.3.2(a) - (g) and Section 8 definitions as presented, Mr. Arrison seconded the motion.


            Mr. Clattenburg asked Mrs. Bearse how the bio-hazard items are handled. Mrs. Bearse said this falls under hazardous materials, she feels the definition is broad enough. Mr. Arrison said he feels the definition of haz mat is somewhat vague. Mrs. Bearse said this is the standard definition that is used.


            Mr. Todd said, as a member of the Planning Commission, there was a great deal of participation when the interim bylaw was adopted. Mr. Clattenburg asked if landscaping is addressed when a permit is issued. Mrs. Bearse said yes, that is part of the site plan approval that is required. Mr. Clattenburg asked if there were objections during the discussions when the interim bylaws were discussed. Mr. Todd said he doesn't think there were objections but a lot of concerns were addressed mainly regarding the size and appearance.


            Mr. Korbet said he wrote a letter to the Board dated June 14th which they have a copy of and there is also a copy on file at the Town office with his concerns on this. He read much of his letter and addressed several of his concerns again.


            Mr. Fuller asked Mr. Spurr if he was satisfied by the bylaws at this point. Mr. Spurr said he doesn't see it getting any better, he feels with the restrictions that are in place from the State and Town it can't get much better, he just feels there are too many restrictions overall.


            Mr. Fuller asked if this was in place when the Route 5 facility was built if it would have had an impact on that facility. Mrs. Bearse said no, this is very permissive.


            It was noted the interim bylaw expires August 1st so if this is not adopted we will have to start all over again.


            After lengthy discussion Mr. Fuller made the motion to call the vote, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Arrison said this is a Public Hearing and he thinks concerns should be heard. Mr. Clattenburg said he feels we have given ample time for participation. Motion to call the vote carried 4 - 1 with Mr. Arrison being the dissenting vote.


            Mr. Boyer closed the Public Hearing. Motion to accept the motion to adopt the proposed bylaws passed unanimously.


5. Public Announcements


            -Lifesaving Award Nomination to AVFD Chief Darrin Spaulding: On behalf of the Town, Mr. Boyer congratulated Ascutney Fire Chief Darrin Spaulding who will be receiving a Lifesaving Award from the State of Vermont Department of Public Safety on Tuesday for his actions taken on January 8, 2011 when he worked to help extricate a critically injured man from his vehicle at the scene of an accident.


            -Ascutney Fire District #2 recipient of 2012 Vermont Engineering Award: Mr. Boyer announced the Ascutney Fire District #2 received the American Council of Engineering Companies/Vermont Engineering Merit Award for their plan to purchase and improve the country Estates Water System. This award is equivalent of a 50% grant to the project.


            -Thanks to Chris Adams for his Service as Town Accountant - this was addressed under Comments from Select Board.


moved ahead to #8 I


8. New Business


            I. Perkinsville Community Church Green Use/Farmers Market, Dale West: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to grant use of the Perkinsville Green to the Church for a Community Market from July 21 - October 6 on Saturday's from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Mr. Arrison seconded the motion.


            Mrs. Bearse explained that this has to be approved through the Zoning Board and the Town need to sign the application as an co-owner of the property. Mr. Clattenburg amended his motion to agree to be a co-signer on the application, Mr. Arrison seconded the amendment.


            Mr. Fuller read a letter received from Chip Cobb who is the Chairman of the Weathersfield Veterans Memorial Committee, Mr. Cobb feels this would be good for everyone in Town and hopes the Board approves the request from Mr. West.


            It was clearly stated that this request needs to go before Zoning, it is not up to the Select Board to grant permission at this time. Motion carried unanimously.


6. State Appointments


            -Fire Warden/Clarence "Sonny" Grover, Jr. and Deputy Fire Warden, Darrin Spaulding: Mr. Arrison made the motion to recommend appointing Clarence "Sonny" Grover Jr. as the Fire Warden and Darrin Spaulding as the Deputy Fire Warden, Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent.


            Per Mr. Fuller's request this will be on the next agenda to discuss appointing two key men and then notifying Hartford Dispatch that only those four people are allowed to issue burn permits.


7. Old Business


            A. Purchase of Replacement Forestry Truck, West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve insuring the purchase of a replacement Forestry Truck, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Motion tied 1 - 1, motion died for lack of majority of votes.


            Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve maintenance on the replacement Forestry Truck, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Mr. Hazeltine said the vehicle originated in Florida and it has very little rust. Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Hazeltine if he has looked at the price of a new vehicle if purchased through the State contract. Mr. Hazeltine said a new chassis with diesel engine would be about $30,000 with the diesel option costing about $3,000.


            Motion failed 0 - 5.


            B. Discuss Options for Policing Services in Post Chief Brown Era: Mr. Adams put some preliminary numbers together for the Board to review if we went with two full time police officers or just had one but increased the part time officers hours up to forty. His numbers did not include revenue and other expenses so it was hard to see the true projected costs. Mrs. Daniels said the Select Board needs to listen to the people, it is time to increase our police force. Mr. Clattenburg said she is echoing what he has heard others say. It was said that this is a budget discussion and the budget is already set for this next fiscal year which begins July 1st. The Board asked Mr. Mullen to work with Chief Brown and come back to them with a time table.


            C. Irene Updated: Mr. Adams gave the Board an update on the costs and the payments received to date, he said two projects are still pending reimbursement.


8. New Business


            A. Discuss Stipend Option for Animal Control Officer in FY2013: Mr. Todd made the motion to pay the Animal Control Officer Cathy Sullivan a stipend of $1,500 for Fiscal Year 2012, to be paid in twelve monthly payments, plus mileage at the federally approved mileage rate, plus reimbursement for any expenses and animal boarding charges she has incurred. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


            B. $5,000 Received from Cold River Bridges for Thrasher Road "Value Engineering": Mr. Mullen said this is for info only.


            C. Approve Job Description and Filling Open Position of Attendant(s) at Transfer Station: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to approve the job description, Mr. Arrison seconded the motion. Mr. Clattenburg questioned the years of experience needed. After discussion, Mr. Clattenburg amended his motion to approve after striking the experience requirement, Mr. Arrison seconded the amended motion. Mrs. Richardson said she would like her position increased to forty hours and to receive benefits. Mr. Mullen said this should be discussed with her Supervisor not the Select Board. Mrs. Richardson was told that an increase in her hours and adding benefits to her position is not in the budget for this next fiscal year. Motion carried unanimously.


            D. Approve Job Description and Filling Open Position of Town Accountant, and temporary help: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to approve the job description and also the temporary help until a replacement is hired, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Fuller asked what had changed from when Mr. Adams was hired. Mr. Mullen said he added a list of the current responsibilities. Mr. Fuller noted we need to be flexible when hiring. Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Adams of he had much municipal experience before coming to the Town, Mr. Adams said no. Motion carried unanimously.


            E.   Plains Cemetery Road Upgrade Completed: Mr. Mullen said this is for information, it will be on the July 2nd agenda.


            F. Goulden Ridge Dry Hydrant Installed: Jarvis & Sons is done with the construction but the project itself is not completed yet. Mr. Mullen said they hit ledge so Jarvis & Sons will be charging us more than what was projected.


            G. Repeater Grant Application Submitted: Mr. Mullen said this is for information and it is a 100% grant.


            H. Provide Feedback on Possible Opportunity to Purchase River Bed Gravel: Mr. Hazeltine said he feels the Town should be interested in this material which would be trucked directly to the Highway Garage. Mr. Arrison made the motion to confirm the Town is interested in purchasing material from Dave Fuller, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Motion carried 4 - 0 with Mr. Fuller abstaining.


            J. Dog Bite Incident on Quarry Road, Health Order to be sought 7/2/12: Mr. Boyer asked why we are waiting until July 2nd to issue a health order. Mr. Mullen said we need to give them fifteen days. Mr. Arrison said our animal ordinance should be used, Mr. Mullen said we are following the ordinance.


9. Appointments:


            F. Fence Viewer: Mr. Arrison made the motion to appoint Mr. Boyer to the position of fence viewer Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed 4 - 0 with Mr. Boyer abstaining.


10. Sign Treasurer's Warrants: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the Warrants as follows:


            General Fund Payroll                                     $18,161.38


            General Fund Operating Expense                            $28,487.04


            Highway Fund Payroll                                                $12,189.10


            Highway Fund Operating Expense                           $60,271.68


            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                   $ 1,305.26


            Solid Waste Management Fund Operating  $ 2,242.20


            Library                                                                        $       39.79


            Grants                                                             $       62.50


            Agency Monies                                                          $ 1,326.66


            Reserves                                                                    $     239.00


            Library (Rice Tree Service)                                      $ 2,400.00


Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed without dissent.


11. Future Meeting Agenda: Police coverage, Fire Warden, Health Order, PACE Program, Perkinsville School, Perkins Hill Rd dry hydrant, set tax rate.


12. Executive Session: Mr. Fuller made the motion to go into Executive Session at 9:50 p.m. Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed without dissent.


13. Adjourn: Mr. Clattenburg left the Executive Session at 10:00 p.m. Mr. Arrison made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Weathersfield Select Board meeting was adjourned at 10:29 p.m.


                                                            Respectfully Submitted,


                                                            Lisa Slade


Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board July 2, 2012



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