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Town of Weathersfield

Select Board


July 16, 2012

Present:                Norman John Arrison

                              Dan Boyer

                              Michael Todd

                              Dave Fuller

                              Richard Clattenburg

Others Present:    Jim Mullen, Town Manager

                              Lisa Slade, Recording Secretary

                              Edith Stillson

                              Julia Lloyd Wright

                              Pat Daniels

                              Wes Hazeltine

                              Jo Ellen Emerson

                              Tom Haviland

                              Bette Jo Esty

                              Michael Barrup

                              Barbara Thomas

                              Brenda Richardson

                              Marc Knight Sr

                              Josh Dauphin

                              Tracy Dauphin

                              Mychael Spaulding

                              David Powsner

                              Sean Crumb  

1. Call to Order: Mr. Boyer called the meeting of the Weathersfield Select Board to order at 7:00 p.m. at Weathersfield Center Meeting House.                                               

2. Comments from Citizens and Select Board: Ms. Lloyd Wright said the Parks & Rec Department is sponsoring summer concerts series on Tuesdays from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at Stoughton Pond.

            Brenda Richardson asked why she wasn't hired for the Solid Waste Facility position. Mr. Boyer said the position was advertised, candidates were interviewed and the Town Manager feels he hired the best suited candidate.

3. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the minutes dated July 2, 2012. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

4. Old Business

                  A.   Irene Update: Mr. Mullen said we are still waiting for a FEMA check for the use of the fire trucks and Branch Brook Road. Mr. Arrison asked if ditching was underway. Mr. Hazeltine said not yet. Mr. Mullen said rip rap by the covered bridge was finished on last Thursday.

                  B.   Discuss 3 Options for Reuse of Perkinsville School: Mr. Mullen has provided an analysis of the cost to reuse the school for the three options that have been discussed.

            Mr. Todd said the School Reuse Committee unanimously recommends Option III. Option III is to stabilize the 1879 brick schoolhouse, mothball the 1954 addition and rehabilitate the 1969 addition.

            This option is estimated at $1,000,000 and the Town would have to vote on this for bonding authority. SD Associates would lease part of the school from the Town, the details of the lease have yet to be worked out.

            Mr. Arrison made the motion to direct the Town Manger to work on the numbers for option number three so we can prepare for a bond vote in November, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Fuller said this project falls on two things - the Select Board supporting it and voter approval. If the lease does not work out the taxpayers still need to pay the bond payment. Mr. Arrison said the vote would hinge on how many townspeople feel the building should be saved.

            Mr. Fuller asked how accurate the tear down estimate of $400,000 is. Mr. Arrison said he asked some questions on this and feels it is pretty accurate. Mr. Clattenburg said he would want to be sure this is a good business decision before bringing it to the taxpayers for a vote.

            Mr. Mullen said he has to find a business person to look at the numbers, he is not an expert in the number field. Motion carried unanimously.  

                            C.  Prioritize 2012 Select Board Goals: Mr. Boyer said we have done a lot of the items on the list. The wall on Bowen Hill Road has been done, the Shimming has been done on Airport Road, the heat in the highway garage will be worked on in the Fall. Mr. Todd said his priorities are budget, police, wage & benefits, fire department and fire departments/town communication and reuse of the school. Mr. Arrison said his priority is the police. Mr. Clattenburg said his are personnel, police and school. Mr. Fuller said he agrees with the others and we may want to put a time frame on discussions so they do not drag on for example: a date of November for the school. Mr. Boyer said he would like to add the animal ordinance to the list. Mr. Fuller said if we have an overlap in police coverage with Chief Brown the extra expense is not in the current budget.

5. New Business

                  A.   Set 2012 - 2013 Property Tax Rates: Mr. Arrison made the motion to set the tax rate - General Fund 0.2637, Highway Fund 0.2903, Highway Equipment 0.0100, Fire Apparatus 0.0200, Library Capital Fund 0.0100, County Tax 0.0033, Local Education 0.0072, Homestead Education 1.6722, Non-Residential Education 1.5188, Perkinsville Village 0.0381, Ascutney Fire District #2 0.0181, Waste Management Fee $35.00, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Todd said this is a tax rate increase due to the education tax rate. Motion passed unanimously.

                  B.   Set 2012 - 2013 Property Tax Due Dates: Mr. Arrison made the motion to set the tax payment due dates as August 15, 2012, November 7, 2012, February 6, 2013 and May 8, 2013. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed unanimously.   

                  C.  Replacement of West Weathersfield Fire Department Forestry Truck: Mr. Dauphin said West Weathersfield Fire Department is now looking a purchasing a new forestry truck and like the used one they talked about purchasing they would pay for this truck themselves, not with taxpayers money. He said the insurance costs is the same for the new truck as it would have been for the used one they were looking at.

            Mr. Todd asked if there was a written document on what routine maintenance the Town pays for, Mr. Boyer said no.

            Mr. Arrison asked if they would take a ten year loan for the new truck, Mr. Dauphin said yes. Mr. Arrison said he feels this is a significant financial risk for the department and now the Town will have two brand new shiny forestry trucks which probably will never get driven through the woods and brush.

            Mr. Fuller said he doesn't think West Weathersfield Fire Department needs a truck at all and noted the Town tries to plan purchases so we are not in this situation. He said no money has been put in the current forestry truck and that one can be repaired (although he has not seen an estimate to do so).

            It was noted by a few people that this truck would not cost the taxpayers any money, the department would be purchasing it themselves.

            Mr. Arrison made the motion to continue to pay insurance and routine maintenance on a forestry truck for West Weathersfield Fire Department. Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed unanimously.     

                  D.  Update on Proposed Upgrade of Routes 5, 12, and 131 Intersection: Mr. Arrison said he would like to see a round-about at this intersection, Mr. Clattenburg and Mr. Boyer agree that is a good idea. Mr. Todd made the motion to ask the Town Manager to send a letter to VTrans requesting VTrans to consider adding a pedestrian crossing phase to the east leg of the Routes 5/12/131 intersection and to add an "Emergency Vehicle Preemption" phase to the traffic signal. Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

                  E.   Bishop Camp Road: Authorize hearing on Request to Discontinue Highway? Mr. Todd made the motion that the Select Board (1) initiate proceeding to discontinue Bishop Camp Road (Town Highway #75) under the board's own motion, (2) set the time and date to examine the road for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday September 4, 2012, Mr. Arrison seconded the amended motion. Mr. Fuller said he would like to see a map to scale with what we are talking about, he said the width of Plains Cemetery Road doesn't even meet our own specs. Mr. Todd amended his motion to have the hearing start at 6:00 p.m. Mr. Arrison seconded the amended motion which carried unanimously.

                  F.   Approve release of Request for Bids for Perkins Hill Road Dry Hydrant: Mr. Arrison made the motion to release the bid for the dry hydrant at 589 Perkins Hill Road, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Todd said it would be helpful to see a map of the hydrants that are strategically placed throughout town. Mr. Fuller said he has looked at this location and it is not very wide and it is a steep location - he is concerned with this location. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Appointments: none          

7. Sign Treasurer’s Warrant: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the Treasurer Warrants as follows:

            General Fund Payroll                                                           $18,202.34

            General Fund Operating Expense                                     $46,105.71

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                          $12,465.80

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                                $31,229.87

            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                             $ 1,030.76

            Solid Waste Management Fund Operating Expense      $ 6,894.60

            Library                                                                                    $     330.16

Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Arrison questioned the over time for the highway department and said he thinks CVPS expense may be coded wrong. Motion carried unanimously.


8. Future Meeting Agenda Items: review solid waste disposal fees, authorize Town Manger to approve requests to use the Memorial Grove by small groups, animal control ordinance, policing, Weathersfield Center Road auto accidents, request for bids for crushed gravel, policies and procedures of Fire Commission. Mrs. Daniels asked what the intent is on the Fire Commission discussion and said she would like certifications and qualifications written in the contract that the Town has with each department.

9. Executive Session: Mr. Arrison made the motion to go into Executive Session for contact discussion. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

10. Adjourn: Mr. Arrison made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Weathersfield Select Board meeting was adjourned at 9:13 p.m.


                                                             Respectfully Submitted,

                                                            Lisa Slade

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on August 6, 2012


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