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Weathersfield Select Board


August 6, 2012

Present:                        Dan Boyer

                                    Norman John Arrison

                                    Richard Clattenburg

                                    Dave Fuller

                                    Michael Todd

Others Present: Lisa Slade, Recording Secretary

                                    deForest Bearse

                                    Edith Stillson

                                    Julia Lloyd Wright

                                    Bette Jo Esty

                                    Wes Hazeltine

                                    Ed May

                                    Mrs. May

                                    JoEllen Emerson

                                    Tom Havelin

1. Call to Order: Mr. Boyer called the Weathersfield Select Board meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall.

2. Comments from Citizens and Select Board: Ms. Julia Lloyd Wright said there will be a Weathersfield Energy Day at the school on Saturday September 8th from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

            Mr. May asked why residents have to pay $5 for an extra sticker for their vehicle to go to the transfer facility. Mr. Boyer said the Board will be looking at the Solid Waste Facility fees in a few weeks and the charge for another sticker can be looked at then.

            Mrs. May said she was verbally assaulted at the Solid Waste facility a few weeks ago and wanted to know what was being done about it. Mr. Boyer said the Chief of Police is investigating and encouraged anyone that may have been witness to this incident to talk to Chief Brown.

3. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the minutes dated July 16, 2012, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Corrections were noted. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Old Business

            A. Irene Update: Mr. Arrison made the motion to donate $860 to AVFD and $2,758 to WWFD from the Town of Weathersfield in thanks for their invaluable assistance responding to Tropical Storm Irene, Mr. Fuller seconded the motion. Mr. Fuller said he supports this motion and this seems like a small amount of money for a large amount of work. Motion carried unanimously.

            B. Discuss Three Options for Reuse of Perkinsville School: Mr. Boyer and Mr. Todd summarized the three options for the reuse of the school, these three options have been discussed during past meetings.

            Mr. Mullen had given the Board copies of a letter he received from Bob Flint who is the Executive Director of the Springfield Regional Development Corporation. SRDC is the owner/developer of several properties in the region and have experience in redevelopment and leasing. Mr. Flint offered his observations. Mr. Mullen also has talked with Tom Appel of New England Management Company and Mr. Appel has submitted a proposal to help with this project.

            Mr. Fuller said he would like the proposal for the work to include everything including fixing up the 1879 building, we should be prepared for all repairs and have all buildings ready for use (not board up a building or part of a building). He is concerned with the dollar amounts increasing which they have already done since the last meeting.

            Mr. Clattenburg said he is very concerned with the Town being landlords and feels we should negotiate the lease details before we go for a bond vote. Mr. Todd said if the voters approve the bond it doesn't mean we have to take out a bond, it just give the Select Board approval to do so if everything comes together.  

            Mr. Fuller said we should look at past records that the school has to see what problems with maintenance have been fixed in the past and may need to be fixed in the future especially with the water and sewer systems.

            Mr. Fuller made the motion to accept the August 1, 2012 proposal from New England Management Company to assist the Town with the Perkinsville School Reuse Project at a rate not to exceed $1,650, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Todd asked what the re-use committee should do now, the consensus of the Board was to continue working with Mr. Mullen. Mrs. Esty said she thinks Mr. Appel will help answer   alot of our questions. Mr. Arrison asked that the timeline for the Bond vote be reviewed again to be sure it will work. Motion passed unanimously.

            C. Establish Subcommittee regarding Policing in Post Chief Brown Era: Mr. Fuller said he doesn't think we should do this as Chief Brown has not even retired at this point and he doesn't feel it is necessary to have a Subcommittee.

            Mr. Arrison made the motion to establish a Subcommittee to assist with developing a job description for the position of the Weathersfield Police Chief, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Motion passed 3 - 2 with Mr. Fuller and Mr. Todd being the dissenting votes.

            D. Authorize Select Board Chair to Purchase River Gravel: Mr. Fuller recused himself for this discussion.

            Mr. Fuller presented aerial photos of the area to the Select Board members so they could see what the site looked like before and after Irene. He said VTrans will be sending out a bid to remove the gravel soon and he will either sell the gravel to the Town of Weathersfield or have it stock piled to sell to someone else.

            Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to authorize the Select Board Chair to approve the purchase of river bed gravel from David Fuller for $6.00 per yard that will be excavated from the Black River and delivered free to the Weathersfield Highway Garage by VTrans. , Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Hazeltine what he thought. Mr. Hazeltine said he thinks there is probably more than 1500 yards there and we should purchase it at $6 per yard delivered to the highway garage. Motion carried unanimously.

5. New Business

            A. Authorize Purchase of New Server for Martin Memorial Hall: Mr. Todd made the motion to accept the July 31, 2012 quote from Competitive Computers for a new server and backup system for $4,976 + $846 = $5,822 plus an estimated cost for labor of $2,000, for an estimated total project cost of $7,822. Mr. Clattenburg seconded this motion which passed unanimously.

            B. Repeater Grant Received: this is for information only at this time.

            C. Dry Hydrant Update: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to award the Perkins Hill Road dry hydrant bid to Black & Tan Construction, LLC for $1,596 plus $17.25 per sheet of 2" blueboard installed (if required) to construct a Dry Hydrant on Perkins Hill Road as specified in the Town's 7/16/12 request for bids, Mr. Arrison seconded the motion. Mr. Fuller said he does not like this site and isn't sure how this was sent out to bid but bidders need to take risks into consideration when bidding - there may be ledge or other "obstacles". After discussion on location, Mr. Clattenburg withdrew his motion and Mr. Arrison withdrew his second.

            Mr. Todd made the motion to table this discussion until August 20, 2012, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

            Mr. Fuller said the Goulden Ridge hydrant that was just installed is not working as of today. He also said the funds to pay for the overage of expense for this hydrant should come from the dry hydrant reserve fund not from the general fund. Mr. Hazeltine said he, his crew and the fire departments have been working on getting this hydrant working and they are going to work on it again Wednesday.

            It was said the work on the dry hydrant at the Weathersfield Inn is scheduled for the first two weeks of November.

            D. 9/20/12 Delinquent Tax Sale Update: There will be a delinquent tax sale on September 20, 2012.

            E. Approve VTel Right of Way Agreement: Mr. Arrison made the motion to deny the right of way request from VTel and ask them to come in to discuss doing this work without a permit, Mr. Todd seconded the motion. Mr. Hazeltine said this work has been done without the permit, he was told the permit was submitted to us to approve but never approved for some reason. Mr. Fuller said he doesn't think VTel has to come before the Board, the Board has enough on their agenda's already. Mr. Arrison amended his motion to deny the permit and ask the Town Manager and Highway Superintendent to work with VTel regarding doing the work without a permit. Mr. Todd seconded the amended motion which passed unanimously.

            F. Town Manager on vacation 8/3/12 - 8/12/12: memo in Boards packet to contact Mr. Boyer in case of emergency.

6. Appointments: none

7. Sign Treasurer's Warrants: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the Treasurer Warrants as follows:

            General Funds Payroll:                                                          $22,399.45

            General Fund Operating Expense:                                       $49,301.62

            less $17,501.00 to Jarvis & Son's Construction

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                            $19,142.34

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                       $99,462.11

            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                               $ 1,809.55

            Solid Waste Management Operating Expense                    $ 9,831.57

            Library                                                                                    $     583.85

            Grants                                                                         $     156.47

Mr. Todd seconded the motion. It was noted the check # for the Jarvis & Sons check that the Board does not want released is 212083. Mrs. Slade asked about the part time police officer that was supposed to start on July 1st as it has not been included in the payroll yet. Mr. Fuller said he was told Chief Brown has hired Tim McNamara and he is supposed to start any day now if he hasn't started already. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Future Agenda Items: Meeting will be held at the Ascutney Fire Station and the Policies and Procedures of the Fire Commission will be reviewed at that time.

9. Executive Session: Mr. Fuller made the motion to go into executive session for real estate discussion. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

10. Adjourn: Mr. Arrison made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Select Board meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        Lisa Slade

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on August 20, 2012


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