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Weathersfield Select Board


September 4, 2012

Present:                        Daniel Boyer

                                    Norman John Arrison

                                    Dave Fuller

                                    Richard Clattenburg

                                    Michael Todd

Others Present:             Lisa Slade, Secretary

                                    Gloria Ballantine

                                    Richard Ballantine

                                    Bev Howe

                                    Wes Hazeltine

                                    Dot Stankevich

                                    Arthur Gates

                                    Shawn Crumb

After Bishop Camp Road site review

                                    Jim Mullen, Town Manager

                                    Peter Korbet

                                    Ed May

                                    Olivette May

1. Call to Order: At 6:02 p.m. Mr. Boyer opened the Public Hearing with a site visit at Bishop Camp Road. He noted this is for viewing only, all testimony will be taken later in the evening once back at the Town Office. At 6:15 p.m. Mr. Todd made the motion to recess the Public Hearing until 7:00 p.m. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

At 7:00 p.m. Mr. Boyer said he would like to jump ahead to item #4 in the agenda and continue with the Public Hearing on discontinuing Bishop Camp Road.

4. Public Hearing on Discontinuing Bishop Camp Road: Mr. Boyer said Mr. Fuller and Mr. Clattenburg both received certified letters on the discontinuing of Bishop Camp Road and he asked them to state whether or not they could participate as Board members and make unbiased decisions. Both Mr. Fuller and Mr. Clattenburg said that they could make unbiased decisions.

            Mr. Fuller submitted a document he received from the Land Use Administrator as evidence, it was a detailed site plan of the campground.

            Mr. Boyer said it appears to him there is more room on Bishop Camp Road for cars to pass, Plains Cemetery Road seems narrower. Mr. Todd said Plains Cemetery Road would have to be brought up to standards. He also noted that Bishop Camp Road is a road that divides a piece of property and provides a second access to the cemetery.

            Mr. Crumb said he is asking for Bishop Camp Road to be discontinued only for safety reasons. He said cars use this road at a high rate of speed and there seems to be more traffic now than in the past. He said if this road is discontinued it would allow him to have vehicles enter the campground through only one entrance. Mr. Todd asked if he would close off one end of the road. Mr. Crumb said he would close off both ends but would leave plenty of room at the end near the cemetery for a few cars to turn around and/or park.

            Mr. Fuller said we need the exact distance of both roads which we do not have at this time and we need to know exactly where the Class III road ends and the Class IV road begins. He also said we need to have a true definition of the turn around.

            Mr. Fuller asked how Bishop Camp Road was "born". Mr. Mullen said the Ancient Roads Committee didn't come up with anything. Mr. Hazeltine said he heard Frank Bishop ask Kerry Stapleton back around 1974 to come through Bishop Camp Road with town road maintenance equipment and it has done ever since. Mr. Todd asked Mr. Hazeltine what he thought about the discontinuance. Mr. Hazeltine said he doesn't see any issues with discontinuing the road.  

            Mr. Clattenburg said the Town needs a guaranteed turn around at the end, not only now but with subsequent owners too so we should have a Right of Way.

            Mrs. Stankevich said the Plains Cemetery was organized on October 11, 1871 and Bishop Camp Road was the only access at that time and this is still used. She said the Cemetery Commission feels this road should not be discontinued.

            Mr. Korbet gave the Board an exhibit, a Town of Weathersfield zoning map from 1987, which showed Bishop Camp Road as a private road.

            Mr. Ballantine said a hearse or other large vehicle would have a problem entering the cemetery if they did not enter it off from Bishop Camp Road.

            It was said that the Town has more work to do to upgrade Plains Cemetery Road and perhaps that could include looking at creating a different area to turn around at the end instead of going around the play ground.

            Mr. Boyer said we need to consider all input, get a legal description of Bishop Camp Road, look at right of way agreements, bring Plains Cemetery Road up to standard and look at the access to the cemetery through the gate.

            Mr. Todd made the motion to recess the Public Hearing until October 15, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at West Weathersfield Fire Department. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

2. Comments from Citizens and Select Board: Mr. Fuller said some homes in Weathersfield Bow were out of water and asked if there was some help out there for them. Mr. Mullen said yes there is. Mr. Fuller said he would pass the info along.

            Mr. Korbet asked for Public Notices that are put in the Valley News to be more visible.

3. Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Mr. Fuller made the motion to approve the minutes dated August 20, 2012. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed 4 - 0 with one abstention.

5. Old Business

            A. Irene Update: Mr. Mullen said we are still waiting for $189,000 for Branch Brook Road and $9,800 for misc expenses. Mr. Todd said Mr. Mullen did a good job submitting documents to help this process go through smoothly, we have received most of our money already. Mr. Boyer agreed with Mr. Todd. Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Mullen to double check the revenue and expense lines to be sure they are correct.

            B. Dry Hydrant Update: Mr. Hazeltine said the new fire hydrant is in and they will go back to Goulden Ridge Road to be sure the one that is there needs to be replaced and if so do so.

            C. Perkinsville School Reuse Update: Mr. Mullen said Mr. Tom Appel will be at our next meeting. Mr. Todd said he will work with Mr. Mullen before then to prepare for the meeting.

            Mr. Korbet brought up a few questions and the Board told him that this wasn't the time to address his questions - they have been addressed in the past and this is on the agenda tonight for only a quick update.

6. New Business

            A. Set up Public Meeting in October on Fire Services: It was the consensus of the Board to have a meeting. Mr. Boyer will get with Mr. Mullen to find a date and time that works (it will not be on a regular Select Board meeting night). Mr. Arrison said he doesn't think the meeting should be run by Mr. Boyer or Mrs. Daniels, it should be run by an outside person.

            B. Weathersfield Transfer Station: Brenda Richardson asked for this to be on the agenda and she is not present, no discussion.

            C. Authorize Town Manager to Approve Requests to Use the Memorial grove by Small Groups: Mr. Mullen said he will work on this and come back to the Board.

            D. Review September October meeting schedule: The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 18th and will be at the Bow Church. There will be a meeting on the 24th regarding the Perkinsville School and this will be at held downstairs at Martin Memorial Hall.

            E. Approve Release of Request for Bids for crushed gravel: Mr. Todd approved the release on request for bids for crushed gravel, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. Mr. Mullen said the bids are due on September 17th and the gravel is to be delivered before November 29th. He said we will spend $30,000 so we'll look at the prices submitted and the number of yards we can purchase based on the price per yard. Motion passed unanimously.

            F. Approve release of Request for Proposals for Supplemental Heating in Town Highway Garage: Mr. Arrison made the motion to release request for proposals for supplemental heating in the Town Highway Garage, Mr. Clattenburg seconded the motion. There was discussion on bidding just LP or LP and oil systems. Mr. Mullen said LP is being looked at because it is more efficient. There was discussion on if the system that is there now is so bad why aren't we bidding replacing the whole system at the same time. Mr. Mullen said that is an option in the bid process but that would be very expensive. Motion carried 4 - 1 with Mr. Fuller being the dissenting vote.

            G. Review Amendments to Animal Control Ordinance (first reading): The Board spent a few minutes reviewing this and gave a few changes to Mr. Mullen. Mr. Fuller made the motion to move to the second reading. Mr. Arrison seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

7. Appointments:

            D. Connecticut River Joint Commission: Mr. Arrison made the motion to nominate Nancy Heatley as a second member. Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

8. Sign Treasurer's Warrant:

            Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the following:

            General Fund Payroll                                                 $15,102.62

            General Fund Operating Expense                                        $37,957.18

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                            $12,728.37

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                       $ 9,230.01

            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                               $ 1,115.92

            Solid Waste Management Fund Operating Expense:         $ 1,176.39

           Library                                                                                    $     577.31

Mr. Todd seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

9. Future Meeting Agenda Items: Tuesday 9/18/12 at Bow Baptist Church there will be a Public Hearing for Zoning Bylaw Amendments, a discussion with West Weathersfield Fire Department, appoint acting Town Manager, authorize a Town representative to bid on properties at the 9/20/12 delinquent tax sale.

            9/24/12 - informational meeting on which Perkinsville School Option to propose for a bond vote

10. Executive Session: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to go into Executive Session regarding Branch Brook Road contract. Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed without dissent.

11. Adjourn: Mr. Clattenburg made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Fuller seconded the motion which passed without dissent. The Weathersfield Select Board meeting was adjourned at 9:37 p.m.

                                                                        Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                        Lisa Slade

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on September 18, 2012


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