Land Use


Mission Statement:  

The Office of the Land Use Administrator seeks to balance the need for clarity and efficiency in land development within the Town of Weathersfield while maintaining and preserving the character, resources and environment within the town’s borders.

The Land Use Department is comprised of one professional planner working alongside citizen planners on three municipal boards – the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Conservation Commission. Collectively, we advance long-range planning and administer the Town’s land use regulations.

Sven Fedorow, Land Use Administrator

Planning links:
2017 Weathersfield Town Plan
Weathersfield Zoning Bylaws
Weathersfield Subdivision Regulations
Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission (SWCRPC)

For zoning permit applications, please click here.
For subdivision applications, please click here.
For new accesses to Town roads, please click here.

For new accesses to State roads, please click here.
For the Weathersfield Zoning Map, please click here.

Subdivision applicants are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Land Use Administrator prior to submitting an application. All plans and surveys submitted with any subdivision application must be provided in .pdf, .jpg or .png format. Physical copies are optional.

Any permit obtained from the Town of Weathersfield is subject to having also obtained all relevant State permits. Prior to applying for a zoning permit or subdivision in Weathersfield, you are encouraged to contact John Fay, Regional Office Permit Specialist, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (Springfield) at (802) 279-4747, or Visit for more info.

DSCN3082 - CopyThe following links may be helpful in planning your project:

Natural Resources Atlas: View wetlands, habitat areas, flood zones, agricultural soils, river corridors and more using this tool to determine where the best location for your intended development may be.
Weathersfield GIS website: View parcels, ownership information, topography, tax assessment, and existing permits (not complete for all parcels).

Residential Building Energy Standards: Apply to the majority of new residential buildings.
Commercial Building Energy Standards: Apply to the majority of new commercial buildings.

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