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Written by Land Use Department   
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 12:41

Notice of Public Hearing
    In accordance with the provisions of Title 24, Sections 4441(d) and 4444, of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, the Select Board for the Town of Weathersfield, Vermont, will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 18, 2012, at 7:00P.M., at the Weathersfield Highway Garage, at 483 Stoughton Pond Road in Perkinsville, Vermont, to hear public comments on proposed amendments to the town’s zoning bylaws:

Section 7.23: Self-Storage Facility
Section 8: Definitions
Sections 4.3.2 (a) - (g):
Use Requirements by District Type

    The proposed amendments are generally described as follows:

    Statement of Purpose
    The purpose of these amendments is to add “Self-Storage Facility” to the array of land uses that are allowed in the Highway Commercial and Industrial zoning districts.    
    Geographic Areas Affected
    The entire Town of Weathersfield is affected by this amendment.

    Section Headings
    Section 7.23        Self-Storage Facility
    Section 8        Definitions
    Sections 4.3.2(a)-(g)    Use Requirements by District Type

    Copies of the full text of the proposed amendments are available for review at the Weathersfield Town Office , the Weathersfield Proctor Library in Ascutney, Vermont and the Town’s website, www.weathersfieldvt.org.

    Persons wishing to be heard may do so in person, be represented by an agent, or may file  written comments with the Select Board prior to the hearing.

    Dated at Town of Weathersfield, Windsor County, State of Vermont, this 21st  day of May, 2012.

                    Dan Boyer, Chair
                    Weathersfield Select Board

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