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Written by shirley cole   
Thursday, 02 August 2012 14:32

Weathersfield Select Board

Martin Memorial Hall

Monday, AUGUST 6th,   2012

7:00 PM

Regular Meeting


1.         Call to Order

2.         Comments from Citizens and Select Board

3.         Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s)

4.         Old Business

                  A.   Irene Update

                  B.   Discuss 3 Options for Reuse of Perkinsville School (Continued from 07/16/2012)

                                        -       Perkinsville School Reuse Committee & SD Associates

                                                -       Analysis of Cost to Reuse School

                                                -       Analysis by Springfield Regional Development Corporation

                                                -       New England Management Company Proposal for Project Management Services    

                                                -       Estimated Bond Amortization Schedules

                                                -       draft of Bond Resolution

                                                -       draft of Bond Vote Time Line

                        C.  Establish Subcommittee regarding Policing in Post Chief Brown era?

                  D.  Authorize Select Board Chair to Purchase of River Gravel

5.         New Business

                  A.   Authorize Purchase of New Server for Martin Memorial Hall

                  B.   Repeater Grant Received

                  C.  Dry Hydrant Update

                        -     Award bid for Perkins Hill Road Dry Hydrant

                        -     Update on Goulden Ridge Road Dry Hydrant

                        -     Update on Weathersfield Inn Dry Hydrant

                  D.  9/20/12 Delinquent Tax Sale Update

                  E.   Approve VTel Right of Way Agreement

                  F. Town Manager on vacation 8/3/12 to 8/12/12: contact phone numbers                   

6.         Appointments

                 A.   Ancient Roads Committee                

                 B.   Budget Committee (Four Openings)

                 C.  Connecticut River Development Corporation



                 D.  Connecticut River Joint Commission / Letter Received Requesting Additional Representative      

                 E.   Fence Viewer (Two Openings)

      F.   Parks and Recreation Commission (Four Openings)

     G.  River Connection Regional Partnership Representative

     H.   Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Inc. Representative

     I.    Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner

7.         Sign Treasurer’s Warrant

                  - Including Retroactively Authorize Loan Payment / Weathersfield Center Road Paving Project

8.         Future Meeting Agenda Items

                 A. 08/20/2012 / Ascutney Volunteer Fire Station

                        - Review Policies and Procedures of Fire Commission

                        - Adopt SWCRPC Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazard Mitigation Plan and Weathersfield All Hazard  

                           Mitigation Plan and maps

                  B.   09/04/2012 / Martin Memorial Hall

                        - 6:00 PM / Site Visit to Bishop Camp Road

                        - 7:00 PM / Public Hearing on Bishop Camp Road in Martin Memorial Hall

  1. Future Agenda items  

- Review Solid Waste Disposal Fees

- Authorize Town Manager to Approve Requests to Use the Memorial Grove by Small Groups

                        - Review Animal Control Ordinance

                        - Weathersfield Center Road / Auto Accident Vulnerability

                        - Release Request for Bids for crushed gravel

                        - Select Board Goals

9.         Adjourn

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