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Weathersfield Proctor Library Trustees
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 9:00 AM

5181 Rte. 5 Ascutney, VT


Attendance Trustees: Chair-Rick Bates (Tardy), Vice Chair-Cindy Osgood
(Assumed Chair responsibility), Secretary-Anne Parent, Nancy
Nutile-McMenemy, Mavis Shand
Library Director (LD)-Mark Richardson; Fundraising Committee: Cookie Shand

Board Liaison for Construction Project: Ernie Shand (absent)
Guest: Ed Morris - Weathersfield Town Manager (Trustees called him)

I. Call Trustee Meeting to Order-9:03 a.m.
a. Corrections and additions to the Agenda - None
b. Comments from the Public - See II. Old Business: Budget Proposal with
possible expanded Library Director duties and hours (Trustees called
Town Manager Ed for clarity on documents provided for discussion on
December 11, 2017)

II. Old Business: Budget proposal for 2019 fiscal year. Prior to proceeding to a
motion, Trustees called Town Manager Ed for clarity on percent increase for
town budget, clarity was received. Trustees reviewed and discussed proposed
changes to the FY 2019 budget. Mavis made a motion to increase the the total
library budget to $126, 686 resulting in a 14.42% increase. Of this $124,868
to be raised by taxes resulting in a 14.69% increase from FY 2018. Anne
seconded and the motion passed with 1 trustee voting not in favor (Nancy).
Proposed budget to be submitted to the selectboard for their January 8, 2018

III. Adjourn Nancy made a motion to adjourn at 10:10 a.m., Mavis seconded and
all voted in favor.

For Next Meeting:
Update on New Addition
Update on Town of Weathersfield Library Web page
Budgeting for FY 2019 - Next Steps
Review & Revision of WPL employee job descriptions
Update The Greenbush Arts: At the Crossroads of Innovation event

Important Dates:
January 10, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. - Friends of WPL meeting
Spring 2018 - Greenbush Art Event

Submitted by Anne Parent
WPL Board of Trustee Secretary January 6, 2018


Please click here for budget documentation