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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Monday, June 12, 2017

I. Chair, Julie Schmitz called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

II. Introductions: Julie Schmitz, Paul Tillman, Michael Todd, Julia Lloyd Wright, Energy Coordinator (ex-officio)
Gil Whittemore (who joined the Bylaw discussions by phone), Hal Wilkins (Land Use Administrator)
Visitor: Jason Rasmussen, Senior Planner, Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission

III. Agenda Review - None

IV. Comments from Public - None

V. Approve Meeting Minutes of May 22, 2017
A motion to approve the Minutes of May 22, 2017, was made by Gil Whittemore, seconded by Paul Tillman. Voted unanimously.

VII. Zoning Bylaws Review
a. Jason Rasmussen/SWCRPC
A copy of the SWCRPC Weathersfield Revised/Draft Zoning District map (June 2017) was reviewed and the eleven Zoning Categories were discussed. It was agreed that the village area for Perkinsville will be shown as two separate categories. The original 1870 clustered housing area of the village will become Perkinsville Center and the larger surrounding rural area will now be shown on the map as Greater Perkinsvillle.
Ascutney has been changed to show the village extended northwards to the Windsor town line. An Industrial area on Route 131 now exists on both sides of the road from I.91 bridge to Goulden Ridge Road.
Definitions were also discussed for Home Based Businesses, and permitted or conditional use but it was agreed that these should be in keeping with the character of the village.
Proposed increase in activity at North Springfield Airport was revisited by the Commission. Airport and Runway Roads are currently listed as RR1 classification. For home-based businesses there could be restrictions on parking and hours of operation.
Flood language, river corridors and stream protection were discussed. Jason Rasmussen was asked for maps of river corridors and if more steams were included. He said that the State has maps of small streams which is being updated so for the time being the town should use the current language. There was discussion on clearing debris from small streams and Gil Whittemore asked about language for clearing vegetation to alleviate overflow and the buffer allowed for clearing debris. Jason Rasmussen said there was a 50ft setback from the top of the bank but not the high water mark. There was a discussion regarding access to the Connecticut River for business-related activities such as a canoe rental. This was referred to as a “prohibitive use” by Jason Rasmussen and Hal Wilkins will add this to the check list of by-laws which will be discussed at subsequent meetings.

Jason Rasmussen said the planning grant is on course for closing out on time.

VI. Actions on Subdivision Applications from 22 May, 2017 Meeting
Jarvis - Mylar and Decision.
All the information is now complete and chair Julie Schmitz requested that absent Commission member Nancy Heatley review the documents on her return and if all is in order then the chair will sign off on the project.

Roisman - Decision
Due to incomplete paperwork and non appearance or communication, at two hearings, from Anthony Roisman or his representative, chair Julie Schmitz denied the application and closed the hearing during the previous Planning Commission meeting on May 22, 2017. Hal Wilkins said he has been speaking with Anthony Roisman who would like an opportunity to defend himself due to a misrepresentation by an abutting neighbor.
Anthony Roisman will resubmit something in writing, which should be signed and dated to start the process off again.
Following discussion it was agreed to rewarn a hearing, with no additional fees involved as this will be a new application.
A motion was made by Michael Todd to deny the original application, seconded by Paul Tillman Voted: unanimously. Gil Whittemore recused himself from the discussion and decision.

VIII. Land Use Administrator
Jason Rasmussen has recent copies of State wind maps to be available for Commissioners at the next meeting.
Land Use Administrator handed out new Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies.
The Vermont League of Cities and Towns is holding a Planning/Zoning Workshop on the Open Meeting Law.
Town Plan Revisions - The Education Chapter is being updated by the Schools Superintendent and Weathersfield Principal Jean Marie Oakman and should be completed by July 4,2017.

VI. Adjournment
A motion was made by Michael Todd to adjourn at 8:55pm, seconded by Paul Tillman. Voted unanimously.

The next meeting will be held on Monday June 26, 2017 at 7pm.