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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I. Chair, Julie Schmitz called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

III. Introductions: Nancy Heatley, Julie Schmitz, Michael Todd, Hal Wilkins, Land Use Administrator; Julia Lloyd Wright, Energy Coordinator (ex-officio)
Visitors: Anthony Roisman, Gabriele Popp, Bob Farnsworth, Surveyor

At the request of Chair, Julie Schmitz, Michael Todd made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:02 pm for Personnel/Organizational issues, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: unanimously.
The Planning Commission came out of Executive Session at 7:35pm.
There was a discussion on Planning Commission procedures and the Zoning Bylaw editing sequence.

II. Agenda Review - the following items were tabled
4. Approval of Meeting Minutes of September 25, 2017
5. Zoning Bylaw Sections a. through f.
7. Zoning Bylaw Discussions a. through f.

VIII. Land Use Administrator Notes
Hal Wilkins reported that he and Town Attorney, Christopher Callahan had completed a final edit on Zoning Bylaw sections previously reviewed by the Planning Commission with Jason Rasmussen (SWCRPC) comments. These will be reviewed by Julie Schmitz with Hal Wilkins.
Projects under review are new forestry regulations for 2018, one PUD, two subdivisions, Village Center designation primarily for Ascutney, benefits of certain properties and Planning Commission setbacks.

VI. Public Hearing - Roisman/Popp Subdivision - Final Plat Review - 8PM
Julie Schmitz opened a Public Hearing at 8 pm.
The Hearing covered a subdivision for Anthony Roisman and Gabriele Popp for 6.07 acres at 394 Skyline Drive. The Sketch Plan Review was held on September 11, 2017.
Julie Schmitz swore in Anthony Roisman and Gabriele Popp, Surveyor Bob Farnsworth and Land Use Administrator Hal Wilkins. Julie Schmitz advised that in order to have party status and wishing to participate it is necessary to be present.
Outstanding items on the check list have all been taken care of with written OKs. Highway Crew Chief, Westley Hazeltine approved the site distance for the driveway and Ascutney Fire Chief, Darrin Spaulding responded in writing that the driveway proposal will work and the tentative house site proposal. Hal Wilkins confirmed that all information has been submitted.
Anthony Roisman showed the Commission on the Final Plat that in case there is an issue about the frontage on Skyline Drive the entrance has been increased and test pits for the septic are O.K. A possible lot is shown for a house site and the odd-shaped property lot is gone.
The subdivision is approved for a final mylar and Bob Farnsworth will set the corner pins.
Michael Todd made a motion to approve Parcel No. 13-02-02.1 (for a subdivision of 6.07 acres for parcel No.2 and parcel No.1 of 132.61 acres) at 394 Skyline Drive, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: unanimously

Hearing was closed at 8:20pm, . Motion made by Michael Todd, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: unanimously.

IX. Adjourn
A motion to adjourn at 8.30pm was made by Michael Todd seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: Unanimously