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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Weathersfield Select Board
October 18, 2007


Present:                       Henry C. Cobb

                                    Norman John Arrison

                                    Daniel Boyer

                                    Patricia Daniels

Others Present:            Larry Melen, Town Manager

                                    Lisa Sargent, Recording Secretary

                                    Edith Stillson

                                    Jeff Staudinger

                                    Amy S. Messina

                                    Julia Lloyd Wright, Eagle Times

                                    Michael Thomas

                                    Ollie Rumrill

                                    Ed May

                                    Bonnie D. DuPrey

                                    Mark Horton

                                    Peter R. DuPrey Sr.

                                    Russ Aldridge Sr.

                                    Lynn Esty, Constable

                                    Harry Temple

1.  Call to Order by Chairperson: Mr. Cobb called the meeting of the Weathersfield Select Board to order at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday October 18, 2007 at West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Station.

2.  Public Hearing: Rockingham Area Community Land Trust, Inc.

            Vermont Community Development Program, Implementation Grant Application: Hastings Mobile Home Park.  Mr. Staudinger presented a proposal that the Town apply for an Implementation Grant, under the Vermont Community Development Program, which would allow the Rockingham Area Community Land Trust to purchase and improve Hastings Mobile Home Park.  Mr. Staudinger explained the process which said it usually takes four to six months to complete.

            Mr. Staudinger said in December 2006 Mrs. Waite put Hastings Mobile Home Park up for sale and the State of Vermont controls the sale of mobile home parks.  He said most of the residents in the park attended a meeting with the State of Vermont, Rockingham Area Community Land Trust and Mrs. Waite and it was decided to have the Rockingham Area Community Land Trust try to purchase the park.  He stated that the Waite’s and the Rockingham Area Community Land Trust have been negotiating the sale for several months and they have agreed on a sale price of $155,000. 

He noted the park rent is currently $260 a month and he hopes it will be able to remain the same (or less).  He said the park is at full capacity now (14 mobile homes) and seven of the 14 would have resale restrictions in the future. 

Mr. Staudinger said if the grant is awarded they would purchase the park, bring all of the septic systems up to today’s standards, put money into the water system, put money into the electrical system and do other minor repairs as needed.

He explained Rockingham Area Community Land Trust currently owns four mobile home parks and they generally operate parks fairly close to a break even point with $25 per unit per month going into the capitol fund. 

Mr. Staudinger said we need to apply by October 23, 2007 and it is a very competitive process.  Mr. Melen said the cost to the Town revolves around audits and we are already a single audit town so the financial impact would be nil. 

Mrs. Daniels said she wants to be sure this park is not degraded to the Town of Weathersfield.  Ms. Messina, a Real Estate Broker present for another matter, said she is impressed with Rockingham Area Community Land Trust and what they have done with properties she is familiar with.  She said she feels they are a great organization and feels they will really help the people in the park. 

Mr. Boyer asked once sold who would administer the park. Mr. Staudinger said he would ask the Southern Regional Planning Commission to.  Mr. Cobb asked how the park would be managed, Mr. Staudinger said they would have a contract with a third party. Mr. Cobb asked if the person would be on site, Mr. Staudinger said no (it would be on call staff).  Mr. Cobb asked if they had insurance, Mr. Staudinger said yes, they carry liability insurance and added they have approximately 300 units under their control as of today. 

Mr. Arrison made the motion to adopt the Resolution for the VCDP Grant Application not to exceed $300,000; Mrs. Daniels seconded the motion.  Mr. Melen read the resolution for the record.  The motion carried unanimously.

            Mr. Cobb closed the Public Hearing.

3.  Review Minutes from Previous Meeting(s): Approval of September 17, 2007 minutes tabled.  Mr. Boyer made the motion to approve the minutes dated October 4, 2007; Mr. Arrison seconded the motion.  Mrs. Daniels noted corrections.  Motion carried unanimously.

4.  Comments from Citizens: Ms. Amy Messina asked the Board to consider helping a taxpayer with their delinquent taxes. She said she is representing him in the sale of his property and she agreed to come to the Board and ask them to waive his late fee and/or interest charge.  Mr. Cobb explained there is a process for tax abatement and the consensus of the Board was to have the person go through the proper channel of tax abatement.  Mr. Arrison said that during an abatement hearing information is presented to understand the reason for a hardship.  Mr. Cobb asked Ms. Messina to get with Mr. Melen and see what can be done to get an emergency abatement hearing scheduled if appropriate.

5.  Monthly Activity Reports:

  • Constable: Reports reviewed, Mrs. Esty said she has lots of kittens.

B.   Municipal Assessing Property Service, LLC: Municipal Assessing Property Service, LLC: Report reviewed.  Mrs. Daniels asked to see what they are using for economic depreciation factors before the end of March.  Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Melen to watch our payment schedule and be sure we only pay for services that have been completed.  Mr. Cobb asked for an update on November 1 that would include someone coming in to talk with the Select Board.

C.  Financial

(i) General Fund: Mr. Melen said at the end of the first quarter expenditure is at 22.7% and the target is 25%. 

(ii) Highway Fund: Mr. Melen said we are at 50% but a lot of large expenditures have been paid already.

(iii) Solid Waste Management Fund: Mr. Melen said we are at 14%

(iv) Cash Comparison: Mr. Melen said we are in good shape.

6.  Old Business:

            A.  Petitions and Orders for Pole and Wire Locations – Verizon New England, Inc.: Mr. Arrison made the motion to table this discussion until November 1, 2007, Mr. Boyer seconded the motion.  Mrs. Daniels asked Mr. Melen to have them investigate putting their wire through conduit, using the old poles again and taking the new poles down.  Motion carried unanimously. 

            B.  Vermont Agency of Transportation – Signage along Vermont Route 131 and Interstate 91 Exit 8: Mr. Cobb said the sign going east is too close to Route 5/Route 131 Jct.  Mr. Boyer made the motion to have Mr. Melen ask the State to move the sign on the east side to one half way between the north bound off ramp and Tenney Hill.  Mrs. Daniels seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

            Mr. Boyer asked about the no parking signs off High Meadow Road, Mr. Melen said the State does not put signs on Town Highways.  Mr. Boyer made the motion to have Mr. Melen write a letter to the District Forestry Manager requesting the State to maintain the parking lot off High Meadow Road.  Mr. Arrison seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. 

            Mrs. Daniels made the motion to have the Highway Superintendent post no parking signs on High Meadow Road from 191 High Meadow Road North to the end of the Town Highway on both sides of the road.  Mr. Boyer seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. 

7.  Vermont Emergency Management Agency:

  •  Designation of Emergency Shelter and Power Supply: Mr. Thomas said he feels we should ask for a portable generator.  Mr. Arrison asked Mr. Thomas to talk with Graham Hunter about the new school and what the plans are there for back up power.  Mr. Arrison said he would call Mr. Thomas this weekend to discuss what we need to do for a generator and also about the new school.
  • Continuity of Government Plan: Mr. Melen said Homeland Security wants the Town to develop a successor’s list.  Mr. Cobb asked Mr. Melen to give the Board his recommendations at the next meeting.

8.  Ordinances and Policies:

            A.  Ordinance Regulating Objectionable Noise (second reading): Mr. Melen said he has not found a legal definition of an assault rifle.  Mr. Cobb said this ordinance will affect a new shooting range that wants to come into Town but the Select Board doesn’t have any authority over the current shooting range.  Mrs. Daniels made the motion to move the Ordinance Regulating Objectionable Noises to the third reading and adoption on November 1, 2007.  Mr. Boyer seconded the motion, which passed without dissent.

9.  New Business

            A.  Proposed Spay/Neuter Assistance Program: Mrs. Esty said she has presented the Board with her proposal to help Townspeople spay or neuter their pets by giving them the first $50 off.  She said it would be funded by individual donations and by the dog license fees the Town collects.  The consensus of the Board was to go forward with this program.  Mr. Cobb asked Mrs. Esty to provide the Board with a start date and progress report when possible. 

            B.  Vermont League of Cities & Towns Loss Control, Highway Garage and Salmond Covered Bridge: Mr. Melen said two of their recommendations have been resolved.  Mr. Arrison asked for documentation that they need to be done, he feels some of these recommendations are someone’s opinion and not necessary.  Mrs. Daniels asked if the Salmond Covered Bridge has money, Mr. Melen said yes.  Mr. Cobb asked Mr. Melen to go through the plan and mark what is feasible. 

            C.  VLCT Property and Casualty Inter-municipal Fund, Letter of Legal Representation: Mr. Melen said this is for the court case, Town Counsel has reviewed it.  Mr. Boyer made the motion to authorize Mr. Melen to sign the letter from McKee, Giuliani & Cleveland dated October 4, 2007.  Mr. Arrison seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

10.  Sign Treasurer’s Warrants: Mr. Arrison made the motion to approve the Treasurer Warrants as follows:

            General Fund Payroll                                                           $14,851.79

            General Fund Operating Expense                                              $20,333.28

            Highway Fund Payroll                                                           $12,849.51

            Highway Fund Operating Expense                                              $27,318.62

            Solid Waste Management Fund Payroll                        $  1,645.70

            Solid Waste Management Fund Operating Expense            $     467.31

            Grants                                                                                    $  4,563.02

            Reserves                                                                                $  6,196.46

Mrs. Daniels seconded them motion, which carried unanimously. 


11.  Next Meeting Agenda Items: Verizon, CVPS, continuity of government, budget committee, noise ordinance, loss control program, appraisers.

12.  Adjourn: Mr. Arrison made the motion to adjourn.  Mr. Boyer seconded the motion, which passed without dissent.  The Weathersfield Select Board was adjourned at 9:24 p.m.

                                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                    Lisa Sargent

Approved by the Weathersfield Select Board on November 1, 2007


                                                                                    Henry C. Cobb


                                                                                    Daniel Boyer


                                                                                    Norman John Arrison


                                                                                    Patricia Daniels


                        Name of chairpersons of various committees

                        Internet policy

                        Procedure on utility easements

                        Ancient roads (continue working on)

                        Sign posting policy

                        Use of Perkinsville Elementary School

                        Capital asset inventory

                        No Parking Signs by Thomas residence

                        No Parking signs on Route 131 near exit 8 and Tenney Hill

                        Review and increase of land use fees

Martin Memorial Hall/Town Office Building (where one ends and the other begins)

02/27/07            New Map for Town Report

03/08/07            Procedure for handling of complaints and citizen inquiries

05/03/07            Emergency communication

05/03/07            Radio Station designation for emergencies

08/16/07            large gathering permit

08/16/07            Welch – National Historic covered bridge grant

09/06/07            Annual SWMF – waive?

09/06/07            ROW for underground utilities

10/18/07            Economic Depreciation Factors from AMPTA