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Latest Minutes and Agendas

1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse Committee
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 6:30 PM
at 1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse
1. Call meeting to order
2. Roll Call
3. Approve minutes from 6/26/2018 meeting
4. Financial Report
5. Update from Matt Keniston (Windows)
6. Grant Update (Ramp)
7. Fundraising
1. Yard Sale
8. Open Floor
9. Set Next Meeting Date and Agenda
10. Adjourn

1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse Committee
6:30 PM, Tuesday, June 26, 2018
at 1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse
Minutes - DRAFT
Call meeting to order: 7 pm after a tour by Matt Keniston of the window work, both inside and out
Attendance: deForest Bearce, Matt Keniston, Dottie Richardson, Alison Roth
Regrets: Karen McGee and BJ Esty
1. Update from Matt Keniston – Matt gave us a tour of work completed on windows and the
project in general. Discussion and admiration for all the work that’s been completed! One thing we
want to do is set up a timetable for a maintenance review of the building periodically. For instance
Matt advised we will want to have windows re-painted in 5-6 years or so. deForest says she would
like to get a list together of everything that will need to be maintained.
2. Grant Update and Federal funding – we are working to meet all the requirements. Cindy
Ingersoll, Matt and deForest have met to review the list of tasks, many of which are completed. The
Selectboard had a packet of policies to approve which they did at their last meeting. Also, there was
an historical review done – with that, we verified that the 1879 schoolhouse is eligible for the
National Historical Register. The town has also hired Walter (history expert) who will do another
historical review by the updated deadline of September. Matt has been in touch with Walter re: plans
and specifications needed for Fire and Safety requirements. Walter agreed he could work with those
specs. deForest will follow up with Ed Morris on this and other updates for next steps.
Our representative Annmarie Christensen wanted an update from Matt, which he gave her, letting her
know we were working with HUD on the grant requirements which take time to get through.
Ramp update: – Matt emphasized that we have a plan, and we need to have the town in on this
plan, meaning they need to work with us as closely as possible. Suggestion: ask Ed to come to our
meetings occasionally so he is up to date on our progress and timetable. This issue came up because
of the work involved in removing the ramp and canopy, questions that have come up re: this work.
Discussion. deForest will talk with Ed about this.
Visual mold inspection was completed by Matt.
deForest will meet with Cindy again.
Matt asked for a list of all expenses and funds that the town has on the schoolhouse, so we know how
much money we have available and can determine from there how much we will need. We were
getting monthly updates at one time, but the last update Matt received was over a year ago. deForest
will talk with Ed/Darlene Kelly about this.
3. Fundraising - Yard Sale: when will the Weathersfield Festival take place this year? BJ would
know and we will check with her and/or Ed. Shall we time our Yard Sale at the same time?
Discussion, and we decided yes. deForest noted we will need volunteers to take materials and sale
items, we need time to do publicity, get organized, get tables and saw horses set up, etc. Dottie
suggested using the Facebook Villages page to publicize what we are doing. deForest will ask the
State if we can get a certificate of occupancy for the building for the one day we have our Yard Sale
– it would be an opportunity to have people come into the building during the Sale and see the
progress we’ve made. That could definitely help us with fundraising efforts. It would also be helpful
to have building access if it rains!
4. Open Floor - Dottie presented a check for $300 from the Village of Perkinsville Trustees. She
will give to BJ who will get it to Darlene in the town office. Meanwhile deForest will ask Darlene to
notify us with updates on donations, and if there is anyone who has donated lately who we should
thank. Also, we want to make sure the funds are deposited into the correct account (where do checks
get deposited – what account --for 1879 Schoolhouse? )
Matt has a list of volunteers who have helped periodically, says he could use more publicity in this
area to get a greater number of people to volunteer. This is another reason to allow people into the
building on our Yard Sale Day to see the work that’s been done, and still needs to be done!
Approve minutes from 5/15/2018 meeting: by consensus – approved!
Set Next Meeting Date and Agenda: July 24, 2018 - 6:30 pm
Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 pm
Thanks to all!
Respectfully submitted,
Alison Roth, secretary

Meeting Minutes

1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse Committee

6:30 PM, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

at 1879 Perkinsville Schoolhouse

Minutes approved 6/26/2018


Meeting called to order: 6:34 pm

Attendance:   BJ Esty, deForest Bearse, Alison Roth, Matt Keniston, Dottie Richardson

Absent: Karen McGee

We talked about installing new officers: deForest agreed to take on the job as chair which Dottie moved and Matt seconded, all agreed. Alison will continue as secretary.   BJ will continue working on the grant, which is quite complex, we still are awaiting a formal award.

Re: the grant: the 1879 schoolhouse is eligible to be on the historical national register.   We are awaiting an historical review re: the grant; there is a consultant working on this – he subcontracts for the state. BJ will talk with Cindy Ingersall about this review.  

Matt talked with BJ & John Esty re: ADA access and how it will be difficult to include the drive up we had originally planned. There is a slope that makes it difficult to plan handicapped access from a vehicle to a drive up. A ramp from the parking lot has to run 57 feet; there is a safety concern due to the slope – vehicles need to have a flat service.   An alternative to the drive up would be two slots for handicapped parking and a pathway. Fire and Safety as well as the State need to sign off on this. Does the parking area have to be paved or would sure pak be OK?   Discussion and questions about whether we need to create an amended plan to say we will not create the drive up we initially intended.   We need to make sure our handicapped access ideas meet with state and grant approval.

DeForest said she believes that Ed Morris, Cindy Ingersall and someone from our committee need to have a conversation with an expert on the ADA codes. Handicapped accessibility and ADA compliance is key to our being able to use the north classroom.   BJ will cc: Ed and Cindy and Matt when she emails the ADA specialist to set up a meeting so we can move forward.

Matt says the next work date for the windows is June 2, Saturday. Matt will work out other work dates for the summer as needed.

Matt pointed out that we need to continue our fundraising especially if we are planning to apply for additional grants that require a match.

Discussion on fundraising ideas.   deForest suggested doing another yard sale, with very specific days for people to contribute their donations.

We all agreed yard sales have been the best fundraisers for us in the past.   BJ says Parks and Rec is taking over the Weathersfield Celebration Day, and doesn’t know what the specific plans are for this year’s Celebration yet, she will investigate.  

The canopy will come down by the end of the month.   Dottie will send a thank you to Casella for their work to remove the canopy, the cement, provide a dumpster, etc.

There is a piece of plywood with a drawing of the septic on it which Matt will take a picture of and copy onto a piece of paper.

We all applauded Matt for the work on the windows which look wonderful!

BJ noted that it would be good for us to have a capital reserve fund set up.  

BJ will email results of the grant to all.

Next meeting: Tuesday June 12 at 6:30 pm.

Regular Meeting of the Prudential Committee

ASCUTNEY Fire District #2

6:00 PM, Monday, July 9, 2018



Members in attendance:

Prudential Committee – Everett Bingham, William Southard


Manager – Ed Morris

  1. Meeting was called to order by Everett Bingham at 6:00 P.M.
  1. Changes to Agenda – None


  1. Approval of the Minutes from June 11, 2018


Motion was made by Everett Bingham and seconded by William

Southard to approve the minutes from June 11th, 2018.

   Motion passed 2-0


  1. Discuss Possible Boat Access Site- Members were open to the idea of the Town placing a boat access and park at the water department property at the end of Sunset Blvd.
  1. Any other information that can legally be discussed – Cutting Tree at Water District Property.
  1. Warrant – Everett Bingham made a motion to accept the warrant

                     with expenditures totaling:

   Operations = $563.49

   Project       = $0

   Total         = $563.49


                     seconded by William Southard, Motion Passed 2-0

  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:25

______________________     _____________________        ______________________

Everett Bingham (Chair)                                Bill Southard (Vice Chair)              Paul Tillman

Planning Commission Agenda

Martin Memorial Hall – 5259 Route 5, Ascutney, Vermont 05030

Monday, 23 July 2018 - 7 PM



  1. Call to Order
  2. Agenda Review – 23 July 2018                                                        
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes – 9 July 2018
  4. Zoning Bylaw Sections           
  5. Mobile home ordinance
  6. Connecticut River Setbacks

                        - Measurement standards

  1. “Small enterprise” definition/framework

                        - Continued from 9 July discussion

                        - “Formula business” definition

  1. Conservation (C-10) District

- Updated based on 9 July discussions

- Similar approach to be considered for RRR-35?

  1. Bylaw adoption approach

            - Timing and number of public hearings

  1. Notes / Comments / Agenda Proposals for next meeting
  2. Adjourn

The next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission will be

Monday, 6 August 2018 - 7 PM, Martin Memorial Hall