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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Monday, June 25, 2018

I.            Call to Order

              Chair, Nancy Heatley called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Introductions:  Howard Beach, Sven Fedorow (Land Use Administrator), Nancy Heatley, Paul Tillman, Michael Todd, Julia Lloyd Wright (Energy Coordinator, ex-officio) 

Visitors:  None

II.           Agenda Review - 25 June, 2018


III.         Approval of Meeting Minutes  11 June, 2018   

A motion was made by Michael Todd to accept the Minutes of 11 June, 2018, seconded by Howard Beach.  Voted:  Unanimously .


IV.         Zoning Bylaw Sections   

              a.  Village Zoning

                             - Updates to conditional uses & unpermitted uses

The definition in the existing Town bylaws for ‘small enterprise’ allows for the traditional use of a structure and/or lot including commercial and/or light industrial uses in keeping with the character of the Village or Hamlet District.  Various listed enterprises include already-established and/or former businesses. 

Discussions covered levels of permitting, the square footage, and examples of permitted use in Business Districts.  It was agreed the Town does not want to see big businesses in back yards.  Sven Fedorow was asked to provide more information for the next meeting, to consolidate the list for clarity with the definition of a small enterprise, together with a table at the bottom of the page.

                             - Research: Using ‘small enterprise’ rather than itemized use list

                                           (covered above)

                             - Research: Examples of  “flexible lot sizes” used in Springfield

Discussion centered on wells and septic systems plus toxic liquids.  The State responsibility covers septic system permitting.  Mobile home parks in the villages and unified wastewater facilities were also discussed. Sven Fedorow was asked to come up with similar wording to reflect Springfield’s flexible lot sizes and also for large lot sizes as to how many houses should be permitted, taking into consideration where ‘development restrictions” apply.

              b.           Accessory Dwelling Units

                             - Research: Bylaw examples from other Vermont towns (continued from last meeting): re. 30% size limit rule & possible alteration

The Commission reviewed restrictions as applied by other Vermont municipalities.

A motion was made by Michael Todd to amend the definition of  “Appurtenant” to reflect the State Law and to set the language within the Accessory Dwelling Unit at 30 percent or up to 600 feet, whichever is greater. Seconded by Howard Beach.  Voted: Unanimously  Sven Fedorow will check the date of the Planning Commission Hearing prior to the bylaw going to the selectboard.     

              c.            Signs

                             - Minor clerical changes to proposed bylaw language

A motion was made by Howard Beach to accept Article 3: General Provisions, under 3.8 Signs, seconded  by Michael Todd.  Voted: Unanimously.

              d.           Connecticut River Setbacks

This item will appear on the agenda for the next meeting. 

V.          Land Use Administrator Notes

              a.            Set Fee for PUD Applications

This is being worked on, forms reviewed from other towns, fees need to be set.

              b.           Review SWCRPC Grant - This has been done

              c.            Proposed Review of Zoning Fee and Fine Structure: 9 July

Discussion on long outstanding violations and whether to invoke fines of $200day. Planning Commission needs to set guidelines.

VI.         Adjourn

A motion to adjourn at 8.55pm was made by Howard Beach, seconded by Paul Tillman. Voted: Unanimously.

VII.        Future agenda items

The next meeting will be on Monday,  9 July,  2018 at 7pm 

                           Zoning - Bylaw Sections

                           CT River setbacks

                           Density Housing

                           Set Hearing dates for Bylaw Review

                           Approve Minutes for 25 June, 2018

                           Proposed new zoning permit application