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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Select Board

Martin Memorial Hall

5259 Route 5, Ascutney VT

Monday, July 2, 2018

7:00 PM

Regular Meeting



Select Board Members Present:     N. John Arrison

                                                            Tom Leach

                                                                        Kelly Murphy

            Select Board Members Absent:      Daniel Boyer

  1. Peter Cole

            Ed Morris, Town Manager                                     


            Others Present:                    

Edith Stillson

Ray Stapleton

William Daniels

Darlene Kelly

  1. Call to Order

Ms. Murphy called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.

  1. Comments from Select Board and Town Manager

Ms. Murphy extended the Board's condolences to the McNaughton family and the Weathersfield School Board in Laura McNaughton's untimely death.

Mr. Morris said that services will be held on Saturday at 2PM at the Center Church.

Ms. Murphy said there is a movement to change the name of the summit of Mt. Ascutney to Kaskadenek. The Board of Libraries has scheduled a hearing on the proposal for July 17, 2018. Petitioners are looking for towns surrounding the mountain to support the change. This will be on the next Select Board agenda to discuss.

  1. Comments from Citizens on topics not on the agenda

There were no comments from citizens.


  1. Review minutes from previous meetings – 6/18/2018


Mr. Morris made several minor edits to the minutes

Motion: To approve the minutes as edited

Made by:  Mr. Leach  Second: Mr. Arrison   

Vote: All in favor

  1. Approve Taser Lease for Police Department

Chief Daniels proposed leasing tasers as a more economical alternative to owning them. The lease offered by Axon would be for 5 years for a total cost of $4768. The Town can opt out of the lease at any time.

Chief Daniels said that tasers are becoming necessary for officer safety as officers are increasingly going on calls alone with delayed or no backup. Taser use helps reduce liability and workman's comp claims.

Motion: To authorize the Town Manager to enter into a five-year lease with Axon for two tasers at the cost of $1,104 for the first year and $916 for each of the following four years for a total cost of $4,768.

Made by: Mr. Arrison            Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: Unanimous in favor

  1. Set 2018-2019 Property Tax Rate

The tax rate passed by the voters at town meeting was 0.6953. Based on tax rates received this day from the state and a $20M increase in the grand list, the rate will decrease to 0.6314.

Motion: To set the municipal tax rate at .6314

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

After discussing the education tax and the county tax, the motion was changed to clarify:

Motion: To set the municipal tax rate at .6314 total which includes 0.0045 local education tax and 0.0075 county tax.

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Set Property Tax Due Dates

Motion: To set the Town of Weathersfield property tax due dates with:

  • The 1st installment due on Wednesday, August 8, 2018;
  • The 2nd installment due on Wednesday, November 7, 2018;
  • The 3rd installment due on Wednesday, February 13, 2019;
  • The 4th installment due on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Made by: Mr. Leach         Second: Mr. Arrison

Vote: All in favor

  1. Transfer Station Rates

The transfer station had a better year than last year in large part due to the multiple changes made last year – closing the swap shop, zero-sort recycling, closer attention to C & D waste. We are ending the year with a $28,000 surplus. Mr. Morris recommended leaving the surplus alone to offset the negative fund balance (-$15,797 + $28,000 = (roughly)$12,000).

Motion: Set the transfer station sticker price at $50 for residents of Weathersfield and $60 for Reading and West Windsor; set the punch price at $3.50; and charge no fee for food waste collection.

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Approve joining a Class Action Lawsuit Kane County Utah vs The United States

Mr. Morris explained that the class action lawsuit is an effort to collect funds owed from the Federal government under the PILOT program from 2015 - 2017.

Motion: To approve joining the class action lawsuit Kane County, Utah vs the United States

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Fire Commission Resignation

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy submitted a letter of resignation from the Fire Commission as of August 13th because after August 13th she will not be able to attend the Monday night meetings.

Motion: To accept the resignation of Nancy Nutile-McMenemy from the Fire Commission effective August 13th.

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Fire Department Matrix (Cont. from 6/18/2018)

Ms. Murphy said this was back on the agenda to discuss those items on the matrix that may be considered independent from the discussion on a single fire department – items that could be addressed regardless of the future form of the department(s).

Mr. Leach asked that uniform SOGs be addressed. Ms. Murphy felt coordinated monthly trainings was important, especially those that focus on the school, SOGs, OSHA guidelines and NFPA had the most direct impact on firefighter safety.

These priorities will be presented to the departments at the August 13th meeting.

Mr. Morris agreed with these selections. This will be discussed once more at the next select board meeting when Mr. Cole and Mr. Boyer will be present.

  1. Reserve Allocations
  1. Listers

Mr. Morris recommended moving $15,000 from the general fund surplus into the Act 60 Reappraisal Fund.

Motion: To approve moving $15,000 to the Act 60 Reappraisal account

Made by: Mr. Leach   Second: Mr. Arrison

Discussion on the motion: Mr. Arrison said he was opposed to moving these funds to this account at this time. He said he preferred to wait until completion of the audit to determine if this is the best use of these funds.

Vote on the motion: All were opposed. Motion fails.

  1. Fire Departments

This item was postponed to next meeting as the numbers are still being finalized.

  1. Finance Policy Review

Changes that were requested on these policies at the last meeting were incorporated into each of them. The board reviewed them once more.

  1. Fund Balance Policy

No further changes were requested.

Motion: To approve the Fund Balance and Reserve Fund Balance Policy

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Credit Card Policy

Changes were made to the Credit Card use section. Ms. Murphy asked:

  • to change “immediately notify the select board” to “immediately notify the town manager and the treasurer” or whoever the appropriate designee is who will notify the credit card company;
  • that the credit card company be called immediately when there is an employee separation; and
  • that each person authorized to have a credit card be required to sign a statement certifying that they have read and agree to the terms of the policy.

It was agreed to review this policy once again.

  1. Purchasing Policy

Definitions of RFB, RFI, RFP, and RFQ have been added as requested at the last meeting.

It was agreed to add language to the Criteria for Bid Selection stating that the criteria are “not necessarily in priority order”.

The policy will be reviewed once more at the next meeting.

  1. Cash Receipts, Petty Cash, and Returned Check

Changes made under the Proper Payee section were to remove the list of parties to whom checks could be written and replaced by “No instruments may be made payable to a Town officer, employee, or volunteer.”

Motion: To approve the Cash Receipts, Petty Cash, and Returned Check Policy

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor

  1. Compensation Plan Review (Cont. from 6/18/2018)

The board viewed the plan in written form for the first time. Mr. Morris said it is still being reviewed for spelling and grammar.

The board discussed double-step raises and how they would mesh with the budget, the timing of evaluations, the need to perhaps recognize tenure in the entry-level positions.

The cost of fully implementing this plan should not be substantial as implementation has already begun. It will be phased in as needed.

Most of the employees have seen some of the plan and there have been some discussions about it at the highway department. Mr. Morris is still in the midst of the police pay study.

Library staff are not bound by this. Elected officials have traditionally been treated as employees – there is no immediate reason to do otherwise.

Mr. Morris said the Plan will be redone in 2020 and then every five years thereafter (by Mr. Morris...).

It was agreed to delay voting on the Plan until all board members are present.

By committing to this Plan, it will be understood that this is what will be paid to the town's employees. If deviations are proposed, the board must discuss them before acting on them.

  1. Appointments

Motion: To accept David Todd Hindinger as an alternate member on the zoning board of adjustment.

Made by: Mr. Leach         Second: Mr. Arrison

Vote: All in favor

  1. Approve Warrants

Motion: To approve the warrants for July 2, 2018 as follow:

General Funds       Operating Expenses    $36,459.85

                              Payroll                         $13,923.41

Highway Fund       Operating Expenses    $12,410.55

                              Payroll                         $7,710.71

Solid Waste Management Fund

                              Operating Expenses    $7,392.33

                              Payroll                         $1,473.82

Library                   Operating Expenses    $1,245.85

                              Payroll                         $1,469.10

Grants                   Operating Expenses    $57,755.26

Agency Monies      Operating Expenses    $50.00

Reserves                                                    $0.00

Long Term Debt                                        $0.00

Grand Totals         Operating Expenses    $115,313,84

                              Payroll                         $24,577.04

Made by:  Mr. Arrison      Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor


Motion: To go into executive session for personnel

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Mr. Leach

Vote: All in favor


The board entered executive session at 8:31 PM and exited at 8:46 PM.

Motion: For 2% increase for Ed Morris to $73,542.08 salary

Made by: Mr. Arrison       Second: Ms. Murphy

Vote: All in favor


  1. Future Meeting Agenda Items


  1. Adjourn

Motion: To adjourn the meeting

Made by:    Second:        



The meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM

Respectfully submitted,

deForest Bearse



N. John Arrison, Selector


Daniel E. Boyer, Selector


C. Peter Cole, Vice-Chairperson


Tom Leach, Clerk


Kelly Murphy, Chairperson