• Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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6:00 PM, Monday, September 11, 2017


Members in attendance:
Prudential Committee – Everett Bingham, William Southard
and Paul Tillman
Manager – Ed Morris

1. Meeting was called to order by Everette Bingham at 6:05 P.M.

2. Approval of the Minutes from August 10th, 2017 Motion was made by Paul Tillman and seconded by William
Southard to approve the minutes from July 10th, 2017.
Motion passed 3-0 (Everett abstained because he was not in
attendance at that meeting).

3. Discuss Gas Station Project- Ed Morris explained that a meter had been provided and permission granted for the construction company to use the hydrant near the old Irving station for the construction of the new Jiffy Mart. Water usage and the meter will be billed prior to hookup to the system.

4. Discuss Electric Issue- On August 30th it came to my attention that the generator at the well house was running. On the 31st I checked the building and found we had no electricity. I had Watts up Electric check the building and they advised it was a GMP issue. GMP came out and repaired the issue.
5. Warrant – William Southard made a motion to accept the warrant
with expenditures totaling:
Operations = $841.30
Project = $0
Total = $841.30

seconded by Paul Tillman, Motion Passed 3-0

William Southard made a motion to pay the pump house repair bill in the amount of $6352.76 prior to the signing of the next warrant, seconded by Paul Tillman. Motion Passed 2-0 Everette Bingham abstained.

6. Pump House repair discussion – The meeting moved to the pump house. Everette explained the pump house repair and what issues they ran into.

7. Meeting adjourned at 6:45