• Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Animal Control Officer

Cathy Sullivan

Phone: [603] 477-1229
[802] 674-2185
Office: [802] 674-2626

Mailing Address:
Weathersfield T
own Offices
Post Office Box 550
Ascutney, Vermont 05030-0550


Lost dog?
Contact either the Animal Control Officer or Town Office.


Who We Are

We are a small town with one part-time on-call officer. The Animal Control Officer will respond to domestic animal calls. Call the Town Office at [802] 674-2626 between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, otherwise you may contact me at the above listed number.

We do not currently have a shelter. Animals are kept at the Town Pound.

Our Featured Pet...

We have many kittens and are assisting some owners in Town in placing their animals. Please visit our pages on Petfinder.com often as they will be updated frequently.


Dog licenses are due April 1 of every year. Please make sure you are up-to-date.
Also, please keep your pets restrained to your property. Dogs at Large that are picked up will cost the owner a minimum of $35.00 (on the other hand, a rabies shot and licensing is only $22.00 in most cases). Rabies is still a problem and we can only prevent spreading it to dogs by vaccination.

Upper Valley Humane Society

is sponsoring dog training classes. Click here for more information.

Weathersfield Dog Ordinance


It is the responsibility of every person owning, keeping, or harboring any dog or wolf hybrid more than six (6) months old within the Town of Weathersfield to register the dog with the Town Clerk on or before April 1st of every year [according to Vermont Statutes]. The dog must wear a collar with the tag issued by the Town affixed to it.


Domestic pets must be inoculated with a rabies vaccine approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Food, and Markets. Vaccines or boosters must be used for cats and dogs. Two (2) one (1) year vaccines are available for ferrets. Wolf hybrids must be inoculated with rabies vaccines approved for dogs, in the same manner labeled for dogs.

Under Restraint It is the responsibility of the owner to keep any dog or wolf hybrid leashed, or under restraint, when on any public property or private lands other than those of the owner.

"Under Restraint" means:
1) on a leash not longer than eight (8) feet;
2) within a vehicle or travel cage;
3) on the property of its owner or keeper; or
4) hunting with its owner or keeper.

Dogs at Large No owner or keeper shall permit a dog or wolf hybrid to run at large in a street, road, park, of common, nor shall the owner or keeper allow his/her dog to run at large on other people's property, namely lawns, gardens, yards, school grounds, parking areas, or other land used or occupied by other persons, without the permission of the owner of the land.

"At Large" means:
1) to move at will without restraint, control, or limitation to property
lines; or
2) to move at will without physical or vocal control by owner or keeper.

Disturbance of the Peace and Quietude It shall be unlawful for any owner to permit or allow his/her dog or wolf hybrid to habitually howl, bark, or in any way disturb the peace and quietude of the community.

Nuisance Dog or Wolf Hybrid It is unlawful to keep a nuisance dog or wolf hybrid which does any of the following:
1) molests and/or attacks passers-by or passing vehicles;
2) attacks other animal;
3) trespasses on school grounds;
4) is repeatedly at large;
5) damages private or public property; or
6) is unlicensed.

Vicious Dog or Wolf Hybrid The owner shall confine within a building or secure enclosure every fierce, dangerous, or vicious dog or wolf hybrid, and not take such animal out of such building or enclosure unless such dog is securely muzzled and leashed.

Un-spayed Females in Heat The owner shall confine within a building or secure enclosure every unsprayed female dog or wolf hybrid in heat, so that such animal cannot come in contact with another dog or wolf hybrid except for intentional breeding.

The Animal Control Ordinance and the Animal Cruelty Ordinance can be viewed under "Documents Online."


Animal Cruelty Ordinance (PDF)