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  • Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

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Zoning Board of Adjustment

November 28, 2007

Meeting Minutes

I.  Roll Call:

Board members present at the meeting were Chairman Graham Hunter, Wes Hazeltine, David Gulbrandsen, and Ted Goddard. Land Use Administrator deForest Bearse was also present.

In the audience was James Ryll.

Graham Hunter opened the meeting at 7:05.

II. Additions & Corrections:

deForest Bearse stated that the approval of minutes should be the minutes of November 20, 2007 and not November 14, 2007

III. Approval of Minutes: November 14, 2007

Ted Goddard made a motion to approve the minutes of November 20, 2007.  Wes Hazeltine seconded it.  All were unanimous to approve the minutes with a minor correction.

IV. Public Hearings:

A. App. #11.0707B by Laura and James Ryll for a conditional use permit for the construction of a pond greater than 5,000 cu. ft.

Chairman Hunter opened the hearing at 7:10 by reading the Notice of Public Hearing.  deForest Bearse stated that the volume of the pond on the site plan appear to look greater than 5000 cu. ft.  It is 60 feet from the northeast property line and 125 feet from the right of way for Route 131.  The water source is an underground spring.  Graham Hunter presented James Ryll with a checklist which contains questions based upon the Bylaw 6.10.4. 

James Ryll stated that the pond will be 130 feet across and that he can not get an exact estimate of the pond volume.  He wants it to be over 20 feet deep so that it can be self cleaning.  He does have an appointment tomorrow with an engineer.  There was a pond there years ago and it was filled in, so the soil samples are not accurate.  He said that the town showed interest in the pond for fire suppression and that there is not water on that side of the road.  If there was a pond there, the wildlife could stay on that side of the road and not be killed on Route 131.  The grade will not be any higher than it is now.  The water level will be level with the grade and the engineer stated to him that it would not flood across Route 131.  The berm will be created with the soil excavated for the pond.  It will not hold back the water.  It is just for landscaping.  James Ryll stated that at this point he is not in a rush to do this, but would like to start construction in late spring.  He stated that CVPS would like to see the drawings of the pond.  Their engineers will be involved with this project.  The pond will be the same height as the gravel in the pole yard.  There are culverts around the pole yard and ones that go under Route 131. The location of the pond is staked out.  Water flows in that area from March to November 1st.  The Board asked him to have a letter or e-mail from the Agency of Natural Resource in regards to pond discharge into Mill Brook.

The Board asked him to get all of the questions answered on the checklist.  David Gulbrandsen proposed that the Board do a site visit before to the next meeting.  James Ryll stated that the Board is welcomed to walk his property.  The Board would like to know the proposed elevation of pond and the existing elevation of the pole yard.  Wes Hazeltine made a motion to continue this hearing on December 5, 2007 and that the Board individually does a site visit prior to the meeting on December 5th.  David Gulbrandsen seconded it.  All were unanimous to continue this until December 5th and to do an individual site visit. 

V. Deliberations

            There were none.

VI.  Public Comment:

             There was no one for this.

VII. Other Business:

            There was no other business. 

VIII. Adjournment:

Ted Goddard made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00.  Wes Hazeltine seconded it. All were unanimous to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Day