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The Land Use Department is comprised of one professional planner working alongside citizen planners on three municipal boards – Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Conservation Commission.   Collectively, we advance long-range planning and administer the Town’s land use regulations.   These planning and regulatory functions also rely heavily on the Town Manager, the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission, the Selectboard, the Town’s Attorney, and participating land owners/residents.   

David "Scott" Osgood, PE
802.674.2626 | landuse "at"

Zoning permit applications are available by;
1. Internet Download.   Please click here.
2. Visiting the Town Offices and requesting a print copy
3. Contacting the Land Use Department and request an electronic or print copy

Subdivision permit applications are available by;
1. Visiting the Town Offices and requesting a print or electronic copy from the Land Use Administrator
2. Emailing the Land Use Administrator and requesting an electronic or hard copy mailed application

You want to develop your property. We want to help you comply with the requirements of the zoning bylaws.  We are available to give advice, help develop applications, and to provide everyone a path to obtaining their permits.  If you are thinking about developing your property, please stop by.  We look forward to working with you!

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