Planning Commission Minutes

Date:  Monday January 08, 2018 (01/08/18)

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Monday, January 8, 2018

I. Call to Order
Chair, Julie Schmitz called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
II. Introductions: Nancy Heatley, Julie Schmitz, Paul Tillman, Michael Todd, Hal Wilkins, Land Use Administrator; Julia Lloyd Wright, Energy Coordinator (ex-officio) Visitor: Willis Wood, Zoning Board of Adjustment

III. Agenda Review - reordering of sequence of agenda items

IV. Approval of Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2017
A motion was made by Michael Todd to approve the Minutes of December 11, 2017, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: Unanimously

V. Zoning Bylaw Section/Final Review
a. Waivers - 3.5.3 On-site/off-street parking, loading and delivery requirements waiver was approved
b. Off-Street Parking
3.5.1 General Standards. was revised to read: Nonresidential parking lots my be required by the Zoning Board to be landscaped and screened in accordance the 7.8.5 ‘screening under the site plan review’ bylaw.
3.5.2 Specific Standards. was removed The 50ft setback was reduced to 30 feet.
c. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
4.1.1 Definition
There was a discussion on the definition of habitable space for the owner-occupied single family dwelling and the accessory one-bedroom dwelling unit.

VII. Zoning Bylaw Sections Reviewed by SB on 18 Dec and returned to PC
       a. Gasoline Stations/Convenience Stores
           Comments were reviewed under 4.4.1 General standards c, e and g and acted upon.
       b. Signs
            3.8..4.1. Sign Standards - Home-Based Business Level II
           (b) Should now read “Each sign shall be of a maximum area of fifteen (15) square feet”.
           (c) Has been removed and also from other locations in Home-Based Business Level 1.
       c. 4.5.3 Home-Based Business - Level I
          (c) “The area allocated to the home-based business may be in the existing residential structure or in a new or      existing outbuilding.”

VIII. Town Plan Chapter reviewed by SB on 18 Dec and returned to PC
Chapter 6 - EDUCATION
Minor edits were made to the Chapter

VI. Zoning Bylaw Sections/Continuing Discussions
a. Zoning Board of Adjustment Comments (Setbacks)
Site Plan Review (Section 9.2.3 8) (b) New wording for the site plan: “‘existing buildings, wells, highways, and publicly owned property within 200 feet of the (Applicant’s) property boundary.”
Recommendations for additional language include “as appropriate” or “when required by the LUA or the ZBA” be included so as to eliminate the need for an applicant to provide the PC with information that is not relevant to the proposed use or impacts, and also include a phrase such as “Some of these site plan application requirements may be waived by the ZBA.”
Discussion also covered agricultural issues, setbacks from slope and from development setback from wetland.
This will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

IX. Land Use Administrator Notes
Town Forest recreational development project, Town Manager would like Planning Commission to be involved
Anti-fragmentation of three-acre lots in town
Selectboard Meeting February 5 at 7pm on economic development
Next Planning Commission meeting, Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 7pm

IX. Adjourn
A motion to adjourn at 9:20pm was made by Michael Todd, seconded by Nancy Heatley. Voted: Unanimously.