Request for Bids (RFB) For Gravel

Date:  Wednesday July 10, 2019 (07/10/19)

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Request for Bids (RFB) For Gravel

Town of Weathersfield Vermont



  1. 1.      BID ANOUNCMENT


1.1         The Town of Weathersfield is accepting bids from qualified gravel suppliers to furnish approximately 3,000 yards of crushed gravel to the Town, and to establish pricing for other gravel products.


1.2         The gravel shall meet the most recent edition of Vermont Agency of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction Section 704.12, Aggregate for Surface Course and Shoulders, Sieve Designation 37.5 mm (1 ½ inch).




2.1         Pricing is requested for a fixed price per cubic yard delivered starting on or after July 1, 2019 to the Town Highway Garage, 483 Stoughton Pond Road, Perkinsville, Town of Weathersfield, Vermont (or to another location in Weathersfield mutually acceptable to the Town and gravel supplier).



  1. 3.      BID AWARD

3.1         The Town may choose to award a bid for 3,000 yards of gravel or something less.


3.2         The award may be adjusted for more than 3,000 yards of gravel at the same price if agreed upon by both parties at a later date.


3.3        All potential suppliers who sell by the ton must provide the cost per ton plus the conversion factor used and must provide the cubic yard price on their Bid Form.  All cubic yards shall be calculated on truck size in a loose, as loaded, condition.


3.4         Invoicing shall be once a month for gravel satisfactorily delivered as determined by the Highway Superintendent.


3.5         The chosen gravel supplier will work under the direction of the Highway Superintendent.


3.6         The Contractor will provide the appropriate documentation and non-employee work agreement to the Town of Weathersfield Accounts Payable Department before starting any work.







4.1         The chosen contractor shall comply with the following requirements


4.2         The contractor agrees to defend and save harmless the Town of Weathersfield, its officers, agents and employees against all claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, recovery, and judgments of every kind and description arising out of the performance of the Agreement, including personal injury or property damage brought or recovered against it by reason of any negligent action or omission of the consultant, its agents, or employees and with respect to the degree to which the Town is free from negligence on the part of itself, its employees and agents.


4.3         The contractor shall carry Comprehensive Broad Form General Liability Insurance in the amount shown below including protection for bodily injury and property damage.


4.4         The contractor shall also maintain Automobile Liability Insurance providing limits prescribed by the Town and Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance in the amount shown below.  The Workers’ Compensation Insurance shall provide coverage pursuant to V. S. A. Title 21, Section 600 et seq.


4.5         Prior to the commencement of the work, Certificates of Insurance shall be supplied to the Town by the contractor detailing the required coverage.  These Certificates shall be issued by a carrier authorized to do business within the State of Vermont.  The State of Vermont and the Town of Weathersfield shall also be named as an additional insured.


4.6         The contractor shall have and require all sub-consultants to have and maintain insurance coverage and list the Town as an additional insured in accordance with the minimum amounts listed below.  Prior to the start of any work, the Town shall be furnished with an insurance certificate as proof that coverage is in place.


4.6.1        General Liability-$1,000,000 per occurrence

4.6.2        Product Liability-$1,000,000 per occurrence

4.6.3        Property Damage-$1,000,000 per occurrence

4.6.4        Personal Injury-$1,000,000 per occurrence

4.6.5        Automotive Liability-$500,000 per occurrence

4.6.6        Worker’s Compensation-Statutory Requirement









  1. 5.       BID INSTRUCTIONS


5.1         Proposals shall be typewritten or written in ink.  Officials of corporations shall designate their official title; partners or sole owners shall so state giving the names of all interested parties.  The person signing the bid shall initial all corrections or erasures.


5.2         Bids shall be submitted on the one-page “Bid Response Form” provided and must be signed by the gravel supplier or their authorized representative.


5.3         Requested descriptive material shall be submitted with the bid.


5.4         In submitting the bids, the contractor agrees that acceptance of any bid by the Town of Weathersfield within 90 calendar days constitute a contract.  No work shall be started until a purchase order has been approved by the Town Manager and a Notice to Proceed has been given.


5.5         Discounts for immediate payment or credit terms where offered will not be a factor in the determination of the lowest responsible bidder.  Payment terms by the Town will be cash, less any applicable discounts, to be paid within 30 days of the completion of the work by the contractor and formal acceptance by the Town.


5.6         The successful bidder shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Weathersfield against all claims for royalties, for patents, or suit for infringement thereon which may be involved in the manufacture or use of the material to be furnished.


5.7         All materials shall remain the property of the contractor until delivered to, installed and accepted by the Town


Deviations from these specifications are permitted only as separate bids provided they are submitted as alternate proposals accompanying a conforming bid.

5.8         Selection criteria:  This bid shall be awarded to the Contractor whose bid represents the best value to the Town of Weathersfield.


5.9         All bids shall include the following

5.9.1         Bidders name, address and phone number

5.9.2         Location of Gravel Pit

5.9.3         Price per ton


5.10 Questions relating to these specifications may be directed to Ray Stapleton Highway Superintendent of the Town of Weathersfield:

       (802)263-5272 or highway@weathersfield.org




5.11     Interested bidders shall submit an original and one copy of their bid in a sealed envelope, marked “Town of Weathersfield:  Gravel Bid” to:


     Town Manager

     Town of Weathersfield

     5259 Route 5                                                                                                             

     P.O. Box 550

     Ascutney, VT   05030


5.12     Unsealed, late, emailed, or faxed bids will not be accepted. 

(Note:  Do not submit bids to Public Works Supervisor.)        



6.1         to accept or reject any or all bids in whole or in part and to accept other than the lowest price proposal.


6.2         to amend, modify, or withdraw this Request for Bids


6.3         to require supplemental statements or information from proposers


6.4          to extend the deadline for responses to this Request for Bids


6.5         to waive or correct any irregularities in bids received


6.6         to negotiate separately with competing bidders.


6.7         to inspect and/or test a stockpiled sample of the proposed gravel product (if available) before awarding the bid.


6.8         to award the bid deemed in the best interest of the Town


  1. 7.      CALENDAR


7.1         Request for Bids posted July 9th, 2019


7.2         Proposals due: August 5, 2019 by 1:00 P.M







Bidder’s name: _____________________________________________________

Mailing address: ____________________________________________________


Email address: ______________________________________________________

Phone number:  _____________________________________________________


Location of gravel pit: ________________________________________________




List similar gravel contracts bidder has successfully completed:





Main Bid:  The price per Cubic Yard for gravel delivered

to Weathersfield Highway Garage will be:                    $_________/yard*



*In addition to providing the cost per yard, all potential suppliers who sell by the ton must provide the cost per ton plus the conversion factor here:


    Cost per ton and conversion factor: _____________________________________



The undersigned, having familiarized itself with the existing conditions affecting the work and conditions as set forth in this Request for Bids, hereby proposes to furnish gravel and all supervision, technical personnel, labor, materials, tools, appurtenances, equipment and services required to perform the proposed work, all for the price per cubic yard specified above.



Signature of bidder: ________________________________           Date:  ___________