Request for Proposal (RFP) - Grounds Maintenance

Date:  Monday October 21, 2019 (10/21/19)

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Request for Proposals


The Town of Weathersfield is accepting proposals from contractors for grounds maintenance in Weathersfield, Vermont.  A copy of the Request for Proposals may be obtained on the Town website (weathersfieldvt.org), at the Town Office, or emailing weathersfield@weathersfield.org.  Bid deadline: November 27th, 2019 by noon.



Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

                                             Request for Bids

for Grounds Maintenance

[Released October 21st, 2019]


            The Town of Weathersfield is accepting bids for grounds maintenance at the following locations during the period from April 15th, 2020, through November 30th, 2021:


            Martin Memorial Hall                                     5259 Route 5, Ascutney


            Proctor Library                                                5181 Route 5, Ascutney


            Ascutney Green                                              Intersection of Routes 5 and 131


Old Meeting House and Memorial Grove      Intersection of Weathersfield Center Road and Center Church Road, Weathersfield Center


Perkinsville Green                                          Intersection of Route 106 and Church Street, Perkinsville


Perkinsville School (front lawn)                     1862 Route 106, Perkinsville


Hoisington Field (athletic field &                  1862 Route 106, Perkinsville

  Playground behind Perkinsville



            Duties at each site (as determined and requested by the Public Works Supervisor) will include: (1) spring raking and clean-up; (2) summer mowing, raking, and clean-up, including trimming around fixtures, buildings, and roadways; and (3) autumn raking and clean-up.


            Fertilizer treatment may be needed and will be performed at each site if requested by the Public Works Supervisor.  The unit cost for a fertilizer treatment at each site shall include only the cost of the labor to apply the fertilizer; the fertilizer will be supplied to the contractor without charge by the Town.


            Sealed proposals, clearly marked “Grounds Maintenance” on the outside, must be received no later than noon on Wednesday November 27, 2019, at the following address:


                                         Weathersfield Town Manager’s Office

5259 Route 5

                                                            Post Office Box 550

                                                  Ascutney, Vermont 05030-0550                                                                                                                                                           


Bids shall be opened at that time and awarded by the Town within 15 days.


            Unsealed, late, emailed, or faxed bids will not be accepted.  (Note:  Do not submit bids to Public Works Supervisor.)    


Bids shall be submitted on the form provided and must be signed by the Contractor or his authorized representative.


The bid, if awarded, will be awarded to the least costly, best qualified and most responsible bidder.  In determining the “least costly, best qualified and most responsible bidder,” in addition to price, the following may be considered:


                        1.         The substantial performance of the bidder in meeting the specifications and other terms and conditions of the solicitation;


                        2.         The ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to provide the services required, and to do so within the time specified;


                        3.         The character, integrity, reputation, experience, financial resources and performance of the bidder under previous contracts with the municipality and elsewhere.


It is the Chosen Contractor’s responsibility to comply with all OSHA and VOSHA requirements, maintain a safe job site, and protect the safety of the public.


The Chosen Contractor shall supply the Town with a Certificate of Insurance showing liability coverage no less than $1,000,000. This does not have to be provided at the time bids are submitted but does need to be submitted before any work begins.


            The Chosen Contractor may be required to provide references and demonstrate successful completion of similar work.  The Chosen Contractor may be required to demonstrate that he or she consistently performs work using the highest quality of workmanship.  The Chosen Contractor may be required to demonstrate that he or she owns or has access to the equipment required to perform this work.


            The Town reserves the right:  (1) to accept or reject any or all Bids in whole or in part and to accept other than the lowest price proposal; (2) to amend, modify, or withdraw this Request for Bids; (3) to require supplemental statements or information from bidders; (4) to extend the deadline for responses to this Request for Bids;  (4) to waive or correct any irregularities in Bids received;  (5) to negotiate separately with one or more competing bidders; and (6) to award the bid deemed in the best interest of the Town.  All bids, upon submission, become the property of the Town. 


            Invoicing shall be once a month, for work (as determined and requested by the Public Works Supervisor) satisfactorily completed.


            Questions about this Request for Bids should be directed solely to Public Works Supervisor Ray Stapleton at 802-263-5272 or highway@weathersfield.org.


Town of Weathersfield, Vermont

                                             Request for Bids

for Grounds Maintenance

[released October 21, 2019]

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Bidder name, address, email address, and phone number:












List similar work bidder has successfully completed:













The cost per visit for each task at each site is to be shown on the attached bid sheet.  Pricing shall remain fixed for the term of the contract (April 15th, 2020 through November 30th, 2021).



The undersigned, having familiarized him/her self with the existing conditions of the proposed sites for grounds maintenance in Weathersfield affecting the work and conditions as set forth in this Request for Bids, hereby proposes to furnish all supervision, technical personnel, labor, tools, appurtenances, equipment and services required to perform the work.  Fertilizer will be supplied to the contractor without charge by the Town.


Signature of bidder:                                           date: