March 2020 Meeting - Now Scheduled for Online Meeting

Date:  Thursday March 19, 2020 (03/19/20)

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This meeting was cancelled due to the evolving Coronavirus situation. However, we re-assessed and felt that it is important to keep the momentum going. We have scheduled a Zoom meeting online. All are welcome to attend this meeting. Please reach out to hshand@gmail.com for online meeting access details.

     Weathersfield Conservation Commission
March 26, 2020
                       Online Zoom Meeting
                                   7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda

  • Approval of minutes, February 2020meeting

  • Renewal of CC Term(s); New member?

  • Election of Officers

  • Trail proposal by Tyler

  • Town Forest update; Trail work day, Saturday, May 16

  • Stream/Brook name project update

  • UVLT conference – Jeff and Tina attended

  • Upcoming Conferences/Workshops

  • Other/New Business

Next Meeting: April 23, 2020, TBD, 7:00 pm