AFD#2 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Date:  Monday November 12, 2018 (11/12/18)

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Regular Meeting of the Prudential Committee

ASCUTNEY Fire District #2

6:00 PM, Thursday, November 12, 2018



Members in attendance:

Prudential Committee – Everett Bingham, Paul Tillman, and William Southard


Manager – Ed Morris

  1. Meeting was called to order by Everett Bingham at 6:03 P.M.
  1. Changes to Agenda – None
  1. Approval of the Minutes from October 11, 2018

           Motion was made by William Southard and Everett Bingham seconded by to approve the minutes from October 11, 2018.

           Motion passed 3-0 abstained.

  1. Revolving Loan Fund- Paul Tillman made a motion Seconded by Bill Southard to submit the loan application for the State Revolving Loan fund in the amount of $230,000, Motion Passed 3-0. The loan will be used to put in three mainline valves, meters and curb stops.
  1. Frazier’s Mobile Home Park Update- Max Frazier has informed his residents of the change to individual meters and has purchased meters and curb stopes to make the transition to each home being metered.
  1. Warrant – William Southard made a motion to accept the warrant

                           with expenditures totaling:

                           Operations = $37,093.18

                           Project       = $0

                           Total         = $37,093.18

                           seconded by Paul Tillman, Motion Passed 2-0


  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:20