Purchasing and Bids

According to the Town of Weathersfield purchasing policy all purchases of $10,001 or more shall be subject to a competitive bid process. In evaluating bids, the Town Manager and her/his designee will consider the following criteria (order of priority will differ with each bid): 
  1. Price.
  2. Bidder’s ability to perform within the specified time limits.
  3. Bidder’s experience and reputation, including past performance for the Town.
  4. Quality of the materials and services specified in the bid.
  5. Bidder’s ability to meet other terms and conditions, including insurance and bond requirements.
  6. Bidder’s financial responsibility.
  7. Bidder’s availability to provide future service, maintenance, and support.
  8. The ability, capacity and skill of the vendor to perform the contract
  9. Additional consideration will be given to local contractor whose bid comes within 10% of the next lowest bid.
  10. Any other factors that the Town Manager and/or Select board determines are relevant and appropriate in connection with a given project or service.

If awarded a bid contract allcontractors must be able to:
  • Supply a certificate of insurance that includes general liability and workers’ compensation
  • Sign our non-employee work agreement
  • Sign a contract of Services
  • Complete a W-9
  • Provide marketing material (business card or letterhead)
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