Ascutney Union Church, United Church of Christ (UCC),
Route 5, Ascutney - 674-2484

Bow Baptist Church (Independent),
Route 5, Weathersfield Bow - 546-4902

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon),
Route 5, Ascutney - 674-5002

Open Bible Baptist Church,
Cemetery Road, Ascutney - 674-2266

First Congregational Church of Weathersfield (UCC),
Center Road 263-9497

Perkinsville Community Church (UCC) 
Perkinsville Green - 263-9539

Community Service Groups
674-2626 Food Shelf (emergency assistance) Town Office
263-5439 Green-Up (litter-free environment) Steve Aikenhead
674-2626 Parks and Recreation Susan Boyer
1-800-464-9951 SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action)
885-3933AARP Income Tax Assistance Terry 
674-2626 Town Service Officer To Be Announced

Volunteer Fire Associations
263-5377 Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association Darrin Spaulding, Chief
956-0689 West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Dept. Joshua Dauphin, Chief

674-2339 Conn. River Grange #518, Ascutney Leighton Springer
463-4188 Hawks Mountain Grange #499, Perkinsville Cathy Pollard

Historical Society
263-5626 Weathersfield Historical Society Ginger Wimberg, President
263-5230 The Rev. Dan Foster House Museum (May to October)

Library Friends
674-2863 Friends of Weathersfield Proctor Library (information - library)

674-5400 Parent Teachers Association (information - Weathersfield School)

Family Recreation Groups

Adventure Club
263-5877 Adventure Club (camping ministry) Kate Tobey

674-9577 Weathersfield Recreational and Prevention Programs

4-H Club 
484-5532 Horse Club (Grades 3 - 12) Ellen Lemire

Fish & Game
886-9988 Precision Valley Fish & Game Association Route 106

Social Clubs
674-6241 Ascutney Happy Homemakers II Jane Hinkley, Secretary

Other Associations 
Vermont Hang Gliding Association 
Snowmobiling Association- VAST
Green Mtn Pug Rescue

The gifts that volunteers bring to the above organizations enrich the lives of young and old in Weathersfield. Your time and talents are welcome. We encourage you to volunteer wherever your interests lie.

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