Demographic are  statistics about the population of a particular geography that profoundly affect how important decisions are made. Not only do demographics give communities information they need to plan future investments and services, data from sources such as the US Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics also help determine who gets Federal aid, where assistance programs are targeted, and what businesses might move to your community. Demographics offer a generalization of a particular geography’s population, based on a sampling of people in that geography at a specific snapshot in time. By examining data at different points in time, one can see historical changes, such as whether the population in your county is aging or new people are moving to your community. This information  offers one source of reliable data that provides valuable insights about a community’s future infrastructure needs, resource allocation, and demand for  services. Town plans should include a section dedicated to demographic trends that informs and/or relates to the community vision.

Town of Weathersfield Current Demographics: Vermont Population Graphic
Population 2759
Average households size  2.23
Median age 47.8
Median income  $62,816
Average income $80,244
Houses  1449
Owner Occupied 1069
Occupied Rental Units 164
Vacant Units 216
Population below poverty level 4.6%

Other Demographic and Data sites:
Census Bureau
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Vermont Futures Project

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