Health Department

The Weathersfield Health Department is dedicated to the protection of public health within the community. In order to reach this goal the Town Health Officer is involved in many areas as outlined in 18 V.S.A  § 602a, including: 

  1.  Investigating when information is received about a condition that may be a public health hazard. 
  2. Enforcing the provisions of Title 18 and the rules and permits issued by the Health Department, including notifying the Department upon discovery of any violation of rule regulated by the Department. 
  3. Preventing, removing, or destroying any public health hazard, or mitigating any significant public health risk in accordance with provisions of Title 18. 
  4. Taking necessary steps, in consultation with the Health Department, to enforce all orders issued pursuant to 18 V.S.A. ch.3. 


Name   Title 
 Brandon Gulnick  Town Health Officer
 Susanne Terrill  Human Resources