Repeal and Amendments to  Town of Weathersfield, Vermont  Ordinances


Repeal and Amendments to

Town of Weathersfield, Vermont



On 2/18/16, the Select Board of the Town of Weathersfield, Vermont made changes to six Ordinances. The changes made were as follows:


  1. Repeal the Advertising Ordinance – This Ordinance is now covered in the zoning bylaws.
  2. Animal Cruelty – Amendment to only allow a waiver penalty on the first offense.
  3. Repeal Child Safety ordinance – According to State law the Town does not have this authority which makes the Ordinance unenforceable.
  4. Highway Access – Remove Section IIA as per the Town Attorney’s recommendation.
  5. Large Assembly – remove athletic fields from exceptions
  6. Repeal Mobil Home Ordinance – This requirement is contained in the HUD regulations which are referenced in the Zoning Bylaws.


The Ordinances will be removed or enacted on 4/19/16, sixty days after the date of its repeal by the Select Board, unless a petition is filed with the Town Clerk by 3/3/16, forty-four days after the date of its adoption.  The petition should be addressed to the Select Board, should be signed by at least five percent of the qualified voters of this municipality, and should ask for a special meeting to be called on the question of disapproving the Ordinance. Questions and comments about the Ordinance may be directed to the Town Manager in the Municipal Offices, PO Box 550, Ascutney, Vermont,, (802) 674-2626.  Copies may be obtained from the Town Manager or viewed at


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