Message from Highway Superintendent

Solid waste
Covid-19 response
Updated 4/15/2020

 We have made the following changes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic



  • Follow all social distancing guidelines while at the facility. 
  • We recommend that everyone wears a mask 
  •  Bring a marker or pen to mark your own punch cards as directed by the attendants 
  • If you have not brought a marker or pen please hold the punch card so the attendant can punch it without touching it 
  • Limit trips to the facility 
  • Only bring necessary items such as household trash or compost 
  • No brush is allowed at this time due to a town wide burn permit ban 
  • Limit bringing “spring cleanup materials” and Construction & demolition waste (if it is not absolutely necessary to dispose of it don’t bring it) 
  • Bag all household trash 
  • Attendants have been directed not touch vehicles or any waste entering the facility (they like to help but we are trying to keep them safe) 
  • If you have large amount of C&D (construction & demolition) waste that you need to dispose of rent a container from a vendor or bring the waste to the vendor’s sites


The highest increase has been with household trash and C&D waste. If this trend continues we will need to limit the house hold trash quantities allowed, and suspend all C&D collection.

Many Towns have limited or discontinued waste disposal services during this pandemic. We are trying to keep the Weathersfield Transfer Station open as long as we can. We need all your help and understanding to achieve this goal. The facility has seen a large increase in use due to residents doing more cleaning during the Governor’s Stay Home Safe policy. If this continues and we’re unable to provide adequate social distancing and/or unable to keep up with the volume of waste, we will need to reduce or suspend services. If the attendants become ill we have very limited resources to provide people to run the facility.

Normally we use Highway Department staff to run the facility when needed. At this time we will not be able to provide any help as we are trying to limit our Highway staff from as much public contact as possible. We all need to provide Tyler and James with as much help as possible to stay safe and allow the transfer station to remain open. Please do your part and follow these guidelines.


Thank You, Ray Stapleton