Seventh Annual Hiking Notice, 2019

Seventh Annual Hiking Notice, 2019

Greetings, clompers –

If you don’t respond to this notice, which goes out to over 70 people, I won’t bother you with more messages during the summer unless I hear from you later. If you do respond, you can indicate which hikes you are interested in, and I will contact you for just those, or you can say “all” and I will contact you for each hike. “Contact” means confirmation and directions. Do not show up for a hike without eventually signing up – changes often occur. And try to be on time – we wait only 5 minutes, but experience consternation if you are expected and not there. It’s good to give me your phone number in case of a last-minute change, such as postponement due to bad weather. If you haven’t joined us for some years, let me know if you still would like to receive this yearly notice – happy to send to those who want to receive.

I have heard from Linda Batchelder, Lynn Beach, Nicky Gay, Kathy Giurtino, Nancy Heatley, Betsy Howard, Elizabeth Hunton, Nancy Lanoue, Laura Pepin, Julie Schmitz, Beth Tofel-Grehl, Becky Tucker, and Marianne Walsh, so they will hear from me as requested.

The hikes are being organized under the auspices of Weathersfield Parks and Recreation. Well-behaved dogs are welcome. We expect a range of hiking speeds.

Are you new to hiking? Wear footwear that is broken in and appropriate for our uneven trails. Hikers join us at their own risk. Feel free to call Steve, organizer, at 263-5439, or contact him by replying to this notice. Experienced hikers, too, please ask questions or comment freely.

This list has 3 pages. Hikes continue into October.

The Hikes! …

 Sunday, June 2nd, 2:00 PM :  Old Roads in Weathersfield Bow

 Jeff Pelton leads our first hike. His description: “Park at the Baptist Church parking lot in Weathersfield Bow.  We'll walk north to the old Lyman Tavern, later the Danforth Tavern, thence west along Old Bow Road, thence south along the backside of the pond to the Old Springfield Road.  We follow the OSR until we're cut off by the Interstate and then retrace our steps back.  At some point we will bear off on a logging road and loop back to the village.  As this is a Historical Society walk, your "side-hill cronchers" will have to bear some historical blather here and there –  Jeff”  (No need to respond to me – Steve)

 Birding, Late May or early June:

 Marianne Walsh is happy to lead a bird walk  from Dana’s farm on the upper section of Bowen Hill Rd to the wetlands on the Springfield/Weathersfield town line on Skyline Drive.  The walk would be during a weekday and would have to be early (6 AM would be best). Marianne walks this section a few times a week in spring, summer and fall. If interested, contact her at 802-885-9420 or  She can also tell you about an early morning walk on lovely conserved land across the river in New Hampshire. See the September 22nd hike below for some details about the area.

Saturday, June 15th, 9:00 AM:  The B-29 Crash Site

 The difficulty of this wooded climb to the crash site is moderate to strenuous. The footing is good.About halfway up there is a fine southeastern view from the top of ledge. That distance is about a mile. Then we continue up almost another mile to the crash site. Barbara Woodbury’s account of the crash is available from the historical society, or via Steve and Ginger for $3.00..

Saturday, June 22nd, 9:00 AM:  The Ancient Hemlocks

 This route – notice I don’t say “trail” – is over fields and through the woods, up and down a logging road and over a rivulet or brook, including the headwaters of Mill Brook. You won’t have to remove footwear. The last half mile is up Little Canada Road, past the 1791 John Warner house. If the owner is home, he enjoys giving a tour. The trees are about 500 years old. Your guide will use a compass to find his way through one section – he’s confident, despite an occasional debacle. Total distance 2 ½  miles?

 Saturday, July 13th, 9:00 AM:  Little Ascutney

 We will walk up to the ledges – very nice view – on a trail that in part is strenuous. There is first a steady climb, then a steep ascent, and then a steady climb. We will have gone from the parking lot at 900 feet to the summit of Little Ascutney at 1709 feet. The hike probably will take over two hours. It feels like 2 miles up.

 Saturday, July 20th, 9:00 AM:  Cathedral Rocks                                                            

This hike is on wood roads. Its length has not been calculated, but it descends to the River Road (Route 10) from Stokes Road, which is just short of Wellwood Orchard. We will spot cars at the end of the hike for a ride back to Stokes. There is a nice view near the top of the descent. The rocks are very big. Two hours?

Sunday, July 28th, 11:30 AM:  To the Cabin                               

We follow Swift’s Logging Road up to the crest of Pikes Peak ridge. Then we follow a trail through the woods to Grace’s skiing trail and by a woodsy trail to Steve’s cabin. There is a nice view there. We will linger – some food will be available. The distance to the cabin will feel like 2 miles, plus a short walk on the Center Road. There might be No Trespassing signs at the beginning of this hike, but we natives are sure they can’t mean us. We use the route many times. Those who wish can do an extra walk to the well that held Herbert White’s body.

Sunday, August 18th, 9:00 AM:  To the Power Dam, Perkinsville Lower Village

We will start near the Stoughton Pond causeway. There is a meadow and then the river with a look at the old Branch Brook swimming hole and then the dam, aka the Tolles Dam. We will offer some historical commentary en route and a map of the area. Copies of We Remember – a history of the Lower Village – will be available for $15.00, and a map of the historic Lower Village for $1.00. Make checks out to the Weathersfield Historical Society. The route is generally flat with some gentle slopes. If the meadow is tall and is a concern, go near the rear of the line and the grass should be trampled for you.

 Saturday, August 31st, 5:00 PM:  Ferry Road and the Connecticut River                   

 This generally level route heads down shaded Ferry Road and into Skyline Nursery. Soon it follows the river, sometimes with views.   At one point the remains of the huge Consul Jarvis sheep barn can be glimpsed. The total length is about 2 miles. Carol Orth is the leader.

 Saturday, September 14th, 9:00 AM:  Crown Point Road

 Currently the plan is to walk from Branch Brook Road past the 1759 marker stone that is one of the two original marker stones on the entire route across Vermont and then cross Branch Brook and head up to Plain Cemetery, where we will have left cars to take us back to Branch Brook Road. Distance: about 1.5 miles with some moderate climbing up to the cemetery. For a short walk turn at the brook. Possibly a different section of the CPR will be open by this time.

 Sunday, September 22nd, 2:00 PM:  “Up On the Hill” on conserved land near Charlestown

Marianne Walsh has been here and expects to join us. We will walk on trails by a river, though a forest and through meadows, and up the hill to a view of Ascutney. After looking at the map on the website, my guess is up to 3 miles of walking. I searched “Up On the Hill UVLT” and went to the website.  

 Saturday, October 5th, 8:00 AM:  Ascutney Mountain

 We will go to the fire tower and the Brownsville Overlook. We will go up the Weathersfield Trail, but people wanting a less strenuous hike (.7 miles up) could drive up and meet us at the top, we hope. I expect to be in that shorter hike, but I’ll see how the knees are doing. We leave early because parking later is a problem.  

 Saturday, October 19th, 9:30 AM:  Cooks Pond Loop

 This is a route on wooded dirt roads more than on trail. There is a lovely framed view of Mt. Ascutney from the south end of Cooks Pond. Other mountain views occur at later points.  

Difficulty: easy to moderate, with one longish incline. Distance: almost 3 miles. 

 About a week before each hike Steve will get back to anyone who signed up or expressed an interest. When you respond, include your phone number in case of changes, like postponement due to awful weather.

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