Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities with the Town

 • Budget Committee (Five Openings) - Works with Town Manager and Selectboard to give citizen input on the proposed budget.

• Connecticut River Joint Commission (CRJC) –Works to engage local leadership and focus resources to benefit the Connecticut River and the people of its valley.

• CRJC Mt Ascutney Subcommittee – A subcommittee of the CRJC

• Conservation Commission (Two Openings) – The conservation commission is an advisory body that exist to help Weathersfield protect and enhance their natural resources.

• Emergency Management Coordinator – The Emergency Management Coordinator is an essential part of the state’s emergency management effort and is responsible for the organization, administration, and operation of local emergency management in the Town.

• Energy Coordinator - The Energy Coordinator is responsible for coordinating existing energy resources in the town and cooperating with the municipal planning commissions as well as other state, regional and federal government agencies responsible for energy matters. The Energy Coordinator may study and evaluate alternative sources of energy with a view toward the more efficient and economical utilization of existing and potential energy resources.

• Fence Viewer (Three Openings) - Fence viewers played an active role in Vermont in the last century. Today, however, fence viewers are called upon to act only in limited situations. On occasion, the Selectboard will call upon the fence viewers to examine a fence line between adjoining properties to determine what portion of the fence must be made, repaired, or maintained by each party. Fence viewers may also be asked to determine where a fence must be placed when it cannot be placed squarely on a property line.

• Fire Commission (Two Openings) – It is made up of two citizens, a Selectboard representative and the two fire chiefs who work together to maintain communication between the two departments and the Town. The commission is also charged with helping the departments with town wide long-term fire service planning.

• Martin Memorial Hall Trustees (Three Openings) – The trustees are charged with maintaining Martin Memorial Hall. They also schedule and maintain the downstairs meeting space.

• Parks and Recreation Commission (Three Openings) – This commission oversees and plans recreation activities for the Town.

• Planning Commission (Two Openings) – The Planning Commission is a five-member board that is charged with rewriting the Town Plan (every eight years), reviewing and updating the Zoning Bylaws, and reviewing, updating and enforcing the Subdivision Regulations.

• Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commissioner – Helps Regional Planning advocate for the needs of member towns and seek collaborative strategies to address local, regional, and state opportunities and concerns.

• Southern Windsor County Transportation Advisory Committee – Helps advise Regional Planning on regional transportation issues.

• Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District – Represents the Town of Weathersfield as a voting member of the Solid Waste Management District which is a municipal district dedicated to providing solid waste management authority, services, and planning to its member towns.

• Surveyor of Wood and Lumber – The Surveyor of Wood and Lumber is a historic position that used to measure wood and bark to ensure that a full cord was being delivered upon a sale. We still appoint this position for historical purposes.

• Veterans’ Memorial Committee - Initially organized to fund, design, construct, and maintain the Perkinsville Veterans Memorial Monument, the Veterans Committee is a group of motivated volunteers focused on promoting patriotism, honoring those that have served, and organizing activities to remind people of the sacrifice Veterans have made to keep our homes free and safe.

• Weigher of Coal – The Weigher of Coal is another historic position who, when asked, would weigh the coal being delivered to make sure the amount was what was agreed upon. The Weigher would be paid by the requesting party. We continue to appoint this position for historic purposes.

• Zoning Board of Adjustment (Five Openings) – The Zoning Board acts as a "quasi-judicial" board; it considers applications for variances and conditional use permits using criteria established in the Zoning Regulations and decides on appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Board also conducts site plan reviews.



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