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Below you will find some vital information about our Town, from information about Town Meeting to census data to whom to call for burn permits.

Weathersfield was chartered in 1761. The Village of Perkinsville and the Hamlet of Ascutney are both within the Town of Weathersfield.

The Town is governed by a five-member Selectboard. Meetings first and third Monday of each month at 7 pm at Martin Hall.

Town Meeting is held the first Saturday in March. Voting is by Australian Ballot the following Tuesday. More voting info

Town Commissions are Planning Commission and Conservation Commission. There is also a Zoning Board of Adjustment. Residents must apply to the Planning Commission for all permits for subdivision of land and to the Zoning Board for all permits for building or altering dwellings or businesses. Copies of the Town Plan, zoning regulations, and subdivisions regulations are available at the Town Office.

All dogs must have a license, available at the Town Office. More info.

New residents should come to the Town Office to register to vote, to receive a town report, and to secure permits for the trash and recycling center. Necessary tokens for the trash may be purchased at the Town Office, and at Downer's Corner Store and Ascutney Sunoco Gas Station.

Permits are needed for septic systems and are available from the State offices located in Springfield, VT. Other applications may be found here.


Weathersfield School
Grades K thru 8
JeanMarie K. Oakman, Principal
Ascutney, Vermont

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The schools are governed by a five-member School Board. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. There is no High school; Students have the choice of attending other community high schools.

Fire Wardens
Fire WardenDarrin Spaulding(802) 263-5377
Deputy Fire WardenJoshua Dauphin(802) 356-0623

For burn permits, call either of the following:

Darrin Spaulding(802) 296-1888
Shawn Brown(802) 299-8096
Josh Dauphin(802) 356-0623
Mychael Spaulding(802) 356-0038

Post Offices

Weathersfield is served by six separate post offices:

Ascutney(802) 6744-5308
Reading(802) 484-5994
Cavendish(802) 226-7238
Springfield(802) 885-4103
Perkinsville(802) 263-9298
Windsor(802) 674-5822

For more information call the Town Office.

Recycling Center and Transfer Station

Route 106, north of Downer's Corner


Wednesday12:00pm to 5:00pm
Saturday7:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday12:00pm to 4:00pm

Residents use the Weathersfield Transfer Station, located at the intersection of VT Rt. 106 and Amsden School Road in Weathersfield for recycling and trash disposal. Details of recycling and refuse regulations and associated fees are available at the Town office. Tokens can be purchased at Downers Corner Store, The Weathersfield Town Offices, and Ascutney Sunoco Gas Station and Store in Ascutney. A vehicle identification sticker is required and is available at the town office with proof of eligibility.

Tokens: $3.50 per punch
5 punch: $17.50
10 punch: $35.00

Quality in Town Government depends on our citizens. Your time and talent as a volunteer in serving on boards and commissions make it possible for decisions to be made by the people for the people. For information of openings and job responsibilities, contact the Town Office. We hope you will participate.



Green Mountain Power1 (888) 835-4672


TDS Telecom(802) 263-9911
Verizon1 (800) 585-4466
Comcast1 (800) 266-2278



Media Outlets

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